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Handy Hancock; Golden Hellboy; Theatergoers "Meat" Dave - Weeks 10 & 11

Iron Man
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Kung Fu Panda
Sex and the City
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Hancock Is Handy; Hellboy Is Golden; Theatergoers "Meat" Dave

Ok, so after a flawless first two months, I balked for a week… Let's move on quickly…

What you missed in Week 10:

Hancock opened well but not as well as last year's Transformers. I bet if Will Smith had bothered to put out a theme song for this movie, that would've changed everything.

Wall-E dropped nearly 50%. Very unusual for a Pixar film. Maybe the silent film setting and the "every adult in the future is a fat slob" story didn't exactly seem as warm and fuzzy as past efforts.

Wanted was wanted by a lot less as it dropped 60%. Obviously fans were too busy traveling to France to see how babies are born in other countries.

As far as the Top 5 goes, Prince Caspian and Sex in the City switched 4 and 5 again… but just you wait, 'enry 'iggens, I'm sure they're both be gone by week 11.

There are truly only a few weekends each summer where there really is a huge mystery about how films are going to do and which is going to be #1. Week 11 brought us one of those weeks where you had three different films with a star, a gimmick, and a superhero. What to do, what to do…

Hellboy II: The Golden Army certainly did what Hostel 2 couldn't last year: build on a cult audience in a busy summer season. Grossing $34.5 in its first weekend, that was almost $10 million more than the first one opened with four years ago. That's a good pace though. I don't think Selma Blair should be allowed to be in more than one movie every four years.

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D did great! Journey to the Center of the Earth, not so much. The 2D version averaged a paltry $2000 a showing, while the 3D version that played on only 30% of the total Journey screens grossed $20,000 a showing. Personally, I thought they were dumb to ever drop the 3D from the title since that was the main selling point anyway (and it certainly didn't hurt the Hannah Montana Movie last winter). Make it an event and the people will follow. The people who cared did follow and the studio wasted their time even releasing it on 2D screens. It may not set the world on fire with a weekend total of $21 million, but the flocks of folks willing to pay usually $2 more a ticket for the 3D experience certainly got studio heads' attention.

Meet Dave was met with utter apathy. Put it this way, it made less than the Olsen Twins vehicle New York Minute (but that failure could always be blamed on the Eugene Levy factor). On the good news, it did more than double Pluto Nash's $2.1 million opening. That's progress, right? At least The Love Guru doesn't feel so bad after Dave grossed a $5.3 million opening.

Hancock dropped 49% in its second weekend, yet that was pretty impressive considering the influx of three new movies and the presence of very little critical praise. The $164.1 million total leap-frogged past Wall-E and doesn't look like it's going to collapse anytime soon. Hopefully, this career boost for Jason Bateman gets him that much closer to making Necessary Roughness II. Sinbad could certainly use the paycheck.

Wall-E and Wanted both stabilized with about a 40% drop and look like they'll stay at about that rate the rest of the way. While this'll probably leave Wanted in the Hulk/Prince Caspian final gross range, Wall-E looks like it'll move past Ratatooie's $200 million though not come close to Cars' $240 million of two years ago.

And, yes, Indy is now an even $3 million behind Iron Man. I didn't thing it was going to happen a month ago, but now it looks pretty clear that Indy will certainly pass Stark Industries before the summer is through. The poolers with IM as their #1 film can weep now, weep later, or both. You're choice.

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:

#1. Iron Man - $313.4 million
#2. Indiana Jones - $310.5 million
#3. Kung Fu Panda - $202.2 million
#4. Hancock - $164.1 million
#5. Wall-E - $163.1 million

This Week
Let's just say Week 12 isn't one of those weekends where you're not sure what the #1 film's going to be. The Dark Knight is hitting almost feverish buzz as fans seem to be going out of their minds in anticipation. Good thing there's almost three hours of a movie waiting for them so they can be fully sedated by the time the film ends. Still, Batman Begins only debuted with $48.7 million three years ago. Can the sequel literally double that take?

Mamma Mia seems like can't miss counter-programming to The Dark Knight. Can't miss unless you find yourself wondering who put the cat in the medieval stretching rack whenever you hear Meryl Streep sing in the trailer or laughing out loud watching Pierce Brosnan belt as if he was trying to stop someone from jumping off a ledge. When, in a recent interview, both Brosnan and Streep admitted they had little-to-none singing experience, I just thought what a genius casting decision. Maybe it'll all work out. Maybe you get used to it after the first few songs and can just move on with it. But seriously, they don't even let the other Pussycat Dolls sing on the record, why would they make a movie where they only let the non-singers sing?

by Matt Neuenburg on 07/14/2008

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