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Harry Pots A Lot In Magical Debut - Week 3

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I
Due Date
Love and Other Drugs

There is something to be said for consistency. Whereas some sequels and series can vary wildly from film to film, in 2001 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone sold roughly 16 million tickets in its opening weekend. The same can be said of the latest film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One. However, in case you haven't realized how much more a ticket is in 2010, that makes HP7 the biggest Potter debut ever.

HP7 conjured a bewitching $125 million during its opening three days. While this falls behind the record top five debuts of The Dark Knight, Spider-Man 3, New Moon, Pirates 2, and Iron Man 2, only Draco Malfoy would still make a face after such a stupendous number.

Still, it should be noted that while more Potter books have been sold than Twilight books, the Twi-Hards showed more love to New Moon when it debuted the same weekend two years ago with $142.8 million. I guess J.K. Rowling will just have to deal with being the richest woman in England and not the richest woman in Arizona.

As is usually the case when one film does so amazingly well, another goes completely forgotten. Russell Crowe probably wants to forget the last three days as well since The Next Three Days opened with a croaking $6.5 million. That's like New York Minute terrible and when Russell's being compared to the Olsen Twins and Eugene Levy, you're not wrong in feeling like something's amiss. I mean, it only made $118.5 million less than the other new film that weekend… That's not bad, right?

In another way to highlight the disparity, HP7 made four-times more than The Next Three Days in just the first minute it was out! HP7's Thursday night midnight showings brought in $24 million.

For the non-new films, MegaMind held steady with a 45% drop and crossed the $100 million mark to sit pretty at $109.3 million. Now Tina Fey has joined her Date Night co-star Steve Carell in also having a bigger animated hit than her live-action feature this year.

Unstoppable hasn't stopped yet. Dropping only 43%, the train has schedule $41.9 million in its first 10 days.

Due Date regained some footing falling 42% and has delivered $72.3 million so far.

Morning Glory stayed perky slipping 44% for a $19.8 million total.

The Skyline got buzzed and tanked a whopping 70%. That's pretty much what happened to 2012 as well, expect it just made $65 million it's first weekend out.

For Colored Girls doesn't seem like it was meant for any girls as it collapsed another 65%. I'd say it looks like Tyler Perry will be living in his own House of Payne after this one, but since the film only cost $21 million to make, he's still ahead of the game with $34.4 million

The Top Five If Today Was MLK Day:

#1. Harry Potter 7: Part 1 - $125 million
#2. MegaMind - $109.3 million
#3. Due Date - $72.3 million
#4. Unstoppable - $41.9 million
#5. For Colored Girls - $34.4 million

This Week
While I think it's pretty much a given that Hogwarts will again rule the Holiday weekend, we've got four films trying to top the leftovers list.

Tangled is trying to do everything it can to "not" seem like a Disney Princess film after last year's disappointing The Princess & The Frog. I'm not trying to play the sexist card, but I do think it's easier to get girls to go see an animated film based on boys than it is to get boys to go see a film based on girls. There wasn't enough popcorn, soda, and Sour Patch Kids in the world to drag my two boys to Princess & The Frog last year even when both the Mrs. & I wanted to go. Can Disney get the "whole family" behind Tangled to at least get to Bolt levels? Please don't tell me we need another Miley Cyrus and John Travolta duet to bring audiences back.

Faster returns The Rock to the "action" films he tried to make when he first started in the industry. After the diminishing returns on films like Doom, he wisely went the family film route and has made a pretty penny there. Have those kids who've grown up with "Uncle" Rock grown-up enough to see an R-rated flick? On the flipside, have those grown-up kids who remember The Rock from his WWE days already given up on him becoming a serious action star? He'll need a good turn-out here if he wants to Escape From Witch Mountain.

Burlesque may be the most "I have no idea what's going on here" film of the year. It seems to be coming out of nowhere and I think people wish it had stayed there. While Cher can pack 'em in at Vegas, she hasn't had a hit movie since, I kid you not, Moonstruck in 1987. Her last hit song was Believe in 1999 (and that was her first hit since her Turn Back Time 80's days). Still, Cher has top-billing because her co-star hasn't acted since her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse days, Christina Aguilera. Xtina's last album was, well, let's just say calling it a bomb would be an insult to Pluto Nash. She's entered some land where's she's more known for boob-jobs and divorces than her music, which makes her more of a reality show celebrity than a once world-renown singer. Put all this together and, yes, this has all the disastrous traits that helped make Glitter as terrible as it was. Still, stranger films have become hits. Maybe it can actually tap into that hipster/underground vibe real burlesque has found these days… but most likely not.

Lastly, Jake Gyllenhaal is trying for his second lackluster film of the year with Love & Other Drugs. While Anne Hathaway have never made a film look bad, this flick seems to have no momentum, no fun, and no one interested in seeing it. It was like when they released the overly-serious/depressing Brothers last year (also starring Jake), some films work in the spring and fall but not in the summer or holiday season. People are either just trying to be happy or don't need any reminders of being depressed. They don't need your movies to help bum them out. We've got Super Bowl Halftime Shows to do that for us.

by Matt Neuenburg on 11/22/2010

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