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Harry Potter And The Order Of Box-Office Dominance - Week 11

Spider-Man 3
Shrek the Third
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
The magic of Harry Potter is as strong as even. Ten days before the final book arrives in bookstores, the fifth movie arrived in theaters to cast an amazing spell. Earning records for midnight showing revenue ($18 million) and first-day Wednesday numbers ($44.2 million), the Order of the Phoenix didn't fall short like the Phoenix Suns. The five-day total was also the highest in franchise history with $139.7 million.

The only way this franchise can be stopped is if the final book turns out to be such a rage-inspiring turd no one wants anything else to do with the final two movies. Considering people flooded back for Episodes II and III, I'm not giving much credit to people on this one.

Transformers held fairly well given the Pottermania circling around it. Dropping 48%, the Bayeriffic flick has now Decipticonned $250 million out of hapless ticket-buyers who thought they were going to see the latest Michael Moore move about the perils of the fast-food industry, Transfatters.

Given the huge openings for Harry and last week's Transformers, it's going to take a lot of work for some other film to find a spot in the Top Five. Is it all about "placement" so early in the pool, or is there something else out there that can make a dent? Maybe Jason Bourne? Maybe the Simpsons? Rush Hour 3: Oui Oui Pariee? Only time will tell…

The Top Five if Today was Labor Day
#1. Spider-Man 3 - $333.7 million
#2. Shrek 3 - $313.7 million
#3. Pirates 3 - $295.7 million
#4. Transformers - $224 million
#5. Harry Potter 5 - $139.7 million

This Week
Adam Sandler comedies make a pretty penny, but they don't often have enough to crack the $200 million realm where most of the summer Top Five films land. Can I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry break that trend or is just another $150-$175 million money maker that has made Sandler perhaps the most bankable actor in Hollywood.

Personally, I'm still flabbergasted that co-star Kevin James' series The King of Queens was on for nine years… Seriously, nine years?! That's like eight more seasons than Manimal or Cop Rock, so it had to be good.

Musicals go from the Holiday season to the Summer season with Hairspray. The lighthearted, feel-good film hopes to pick up the pieces left from two months of over-budgeted and over-exploded action/adventure flicks. Personally, I don't find anything lighthearted about John Travolta in a fat suit, but hey, to each their own. At least he didn't try to squeeze into Olivia Newton-John's black satin pants from Grease. Now that would've been something that would've haunted me for all eternity.

by Matt Neuenburg on 07/16/2007

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