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Has The Dark Knight Rises Already Fallen? - Weeks 12 & 13

The Avengers
The Dark Knight Rises
The Amazing Spider-Man
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
Neighborhood Watch
Many poolers believed this season was going to be a two horse race. Either you went with the returning favorite, The Dark Knight Rises, to trump or at least match the huge peek The Dark Knight achieved... or, you believed the culmination of five super-hero films would make the biggest super-hero movie of all-time in The Avengers. Sure, you could've gotten lost in the details like would Scarlett Johansson or Anne Hathaway look better in a skin-tight catsuit, had either Tom Hardy or Jeremy Renner meant enough to anyone to play such important roles as Bane and Hawkeye, or how either film could be successful without a Nickelback song being played over the ending credits. Regardless, the proof seems to be in the pudding, and it seems to be a little lumpy if you went with The World's Greatest Detective.

The Dark Knight Rises debuted with $160.9 million last weekend which was lauded by the largest 2D opening of all-time, topping 2008's The Dark Knight origin of $158.4 million. Calling it the biggest 2D debut ever is also code for "No, it's not as big as The Avengers... Not by almost $40 million."

Given that start, however, if the third film of the franchise could hold the same trajectory as The Dark Knight, Rises had a chance to even topple those great heights. Those chances seem slimmer than another Catwoman spinoff after a 60% drop in The Dark Knight Rises second weekend. The Dark Knight fell only 52% in its second weekend and had already amassed almost $30 million more after 10 days. Maybe Christopher Nolan should've called up Prince to supply another Batdance song if he wanted to help get his movie over the top.

To help drum up business, Warner Bros. is considering three modifications to each print of The Dark Knight Rises. 1) Subtitles for all of Bane's dialogue. 2) A clock running in the corner so viewers can keep track of the time-span covering all of the events in the story. 3) Inserting subliminal flashcards saying "Try not to think too hard about this part!" during the many "Wait... what?" scenes in the movie. I'm pretty sure all will agree this would make the film a much more pleasant movie-going experience and prevent on-going 60% collapses.

While some might think the Olympics helped take a bite out of The Bat this weekend, we can be certain the decline had nothing to do with The Watch. A $13 million debut for a film with three of top names in comedy? Marketing folks have mentioned this film was hard to market given the bad publicity of the neighborhood watch after the Trayvon Martin shooting, but maybe it was just hard to market because it wasn't very good. There's bad publicity for cops and lawyers all the time and that hasn't stopped there being a ton of cops and lawyer movies. I think we can all be thankful that there was only one Cops and Robbersons movie though.

Perhaps "misguided" is a term perhaps not used often enough in Hollywood. Making a goofy action comedy with the people from the beloved Dodgeball and then making it R without presenting any decent reason for that rating? Not a solid strategy. Either you go for making a tween-friendly Men In Black romp or you go with a "look what edgy/crazy things are happening in what's supposed to be a normal neighborhood" movie. There's no aliens in that second scenario! It's like if Cowboys & Aliens had just stayed cowboys and John Carter of Mars had just stayed John Carter, both of those would've been better movies. Don't go aliens unless you've got a pretty good reason to go aliens. Case in point, Prometheus would've been a much better movie if it had nothing to do with Aliens!

In other news, Ted continued it's phenomenal run and looks to fluff pass $200 million by next weekend. Does it have enough to stuff Madagascar 3 out of the Top Five? The Amazing Spider-Man seems to have stuck to the #3 slot and the webbing should last for the whole summer long. Brave has moved beyond Madagascar 3 and into #4. The ascension of The Dark Knight Rises has knocked Men In Black 3 back to earth and out of the Top Five.

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:
#1. The Avengers - $616 million
#2. The Dark Knight Rises - $287.9 million
#3. The Amazing Spider-Man - $242.1 million
#4. Brave - $217.3 million
#5. Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted - $209.5 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 07/30/2012

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