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Horrible Bosses Good; Zookeeper Caught - Week 10

Horrible Bosses

In a season where several films have fizzled, it's actually been a renaissance for the R-rated adult comedy. With Bridesmaids, Bad Teacher, and obviously The Hangover 2, these modestly budgeted films have churned out a greater return percentage than any of the super-CGIed mega-pictures and now we can add one more movie to this list.

Horrible Bosses withstood the weight of the Decepticons and debuted just behind last month's Bad Teacher number with $28.3 million. While I'm still not sure how Mallory's brother has become one of the busiest actors in Hollywood the last few years, Jason Bateman is surely relieved that co-starring with Sinbad in Necessary Roughness is no longer his cinematic highlight.

In 2009 Kevin James turned Paul Blart into one of the biggest box-office surprises since Jim Carrey first arrived in Ace Ventura. Zookeeper seemed to be something that would appeal directly to that same Paul Blart audience and instead they treated it like it was Mr. Popper's Penguins. With a meek $20.1 million opening, nothing is going to be keeping this zoo from closing soon.

Transformers held extremely well in its second weekend by dropping 52%. While that may seem like a lot, when you make so many gabillions in your first days, that's an extremely nice decline. In just two weeks Transformers has now topped what Pirates 4 and Hangover 2 have accomplished since May. There's always been more than meets the eye when it comes to this series, since my eye has always been checking my watch during these films going, "Man, when is this going to be over?"

Meanwhile, let's just pretend Larry Crowne and Monte Carlo never happened because that's pretty much what everyone else has done too. Man, wouldn't it be awesome if Tom Hanks ever made a movie with Julia Roberts? That would be soooo cool!

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:
#1. Transformers 3 - $261.1 million
#1. Hangover 2 - $250.8 million
#2. Pirates 4 - $236.3 million
#4. Thor - $178.7 million
#5. Panda 2 - $159 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 07/11/2011

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