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Hulk Smashes But Incredibly Happening Still Happens - Week 7

Iron Man
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Kung Fu Panda
Sex and the City
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
The Incredible Hulk
Get Smart
You Don't Mess With the Zohan
The Happening
Six years ago The Hulk smashed to a $62.3 million opening which was one of the largest in its era. It then sank an amazing 70% in its second weekend and paved the wave for mega-drops that have happened since (where a film opens huge only to crumble in the second weekend). This was such a horrendous drop (based mostly on negative reviews and word of mouth, not to mention the fact that it looked like Nick Nolte literally didn't shower during the entire shoot), that many were skeptical about ever doing another Hulk film. The pros could say, "Look at that opening! People want a Hulk movie!" while the cons simply said, "Well, they didn't want that Hulk movie and you're not going to get those people back."

Good thing for studios that America is a forgiving nation (as well as hypocritical and condescending, sure, but what other nation could've ever come up with the Jalapeno Cheese Bagel?! I mean, seriously, sometimes we deserve the mad props we expect.) and if people could flock back to baseball during the steroid era, why wouldn't action junkies want to see another film with the most roid raged super hero of all time? All this to say, while it might seem a bit of a disappointment that The Incredible Hulk opened at $55.4 million, which is less than the previous Hulk movie, all parties involved are giving thanks. It appears they actually have a franchise again based on the stronger reviews and word of mouth this film is receiving... As long as it doesn't tank 70% next weekend, that is.

M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening happened to do much better than the turdristic Lady in the Water's $18 million opening and made $30.5 million in its opening weekend. While not huge in comparison to the six other films that have debuted with over $55 million so far this season, it was the second highest R-rated film opening of the year and certainly shows that he still has an audience that will go out and pay to see his movies. That's more than Woody Allen, Woody Harrison, or Woody Woodpecker can say these days.

Kung Fu Panda held very well in its second weekend slipping only 44% and has chop sueyed $117.1 million in ten days. On the other side, there was a 4400% increase in the number of school age children sitting on their siblings' head and saying "I'm the BIG fat panda" this week.

It looks like no one wanted to mess with the Zohan. The Sandler flick flopped 58% in its second week which is much steeper than his films usually decline. The film has now rinsed $69.8 million from filmgoers' hair. If this is a sign that people aren't in the mood for "wacky character" comedies anymore, execs at Paramount just threw up in their mouth as Love Guru is set to open this week.

On the "this is what people really care about" section of the report, last week Indiana Jones trailed Iron Man by about $35 million. That number is now around $20 million. Indy just had a $14.7 million weekend and a 35% drop while Stark Industries made $5.6 and fell only 25%. What any of this means, I have no idea, yet I know there's a whole group of poolers who would find their smile if Indy could slip past the Marvel Avenger.

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:

#1. Iron Man - $297.7 million
#2. Indiana Jones - $276.5 million
#3. Prince Caspian - $131.9 million
#4. Sex and the City - $119.5 million
#5. Kung Fu Panda - $117.3 million

This Week
Alright, the comedy movie cage match of the summer is finally upon us!

Mike Myers returns with an unknown character and catch-phrases that don't seem to be catchy in The Love Guru. After all the love (and money) the Austin Powers films have earned, will that even be a factor for people who just want to see his latest concoction? Personally, I think he would've been better off to forget bringing back Mini-Me and rolled with Dana Carvey as the vertically challenged person in the movie. Didn't he see Master of Disguise? If the Carvster can pull off being turtley, he can handle anything!

Will Get Smart be smart or is it just a glossed-up, big budgeted Spy Hard? Steve Carrel wasn't able to really get Evan Almighty to float last year. Does he have the Control to keep Kaos at bay and bounce back this time around?

If I had to wager who would come out on top this weekend, I think Get Smart seems more mainstream and getable ("Uh, it's like a funny spy movie") whereas Love Guru just leads you into blank stares ("Um, it's like, uh, well, Mike Myers is in it"), but what I'd guess most is that both of these films will suffer from having to open against each other.

by Matt Neuenburg on 06/16/2008

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