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Ice Age Melts The Spider Out - Week 11

The Avengers
The Amazing Spider-Man
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
Men in Black 3
Ice Age: Continental Drift
Snow White and the Huntsman
I always applaud studios who offer challenging questions to young filmgoers. In Ice Age: Continental Drift, the audience is on an intellectually breathtaking journey probing one of the greatest philosophical questions of all-time: Are the continents still drifting apart or have we reached the breaking point where now they're actually drifting closer together. While this seems a scientific question, it crosses into our social realm. Once people spread out from their tribes to make something different from themselves. Have we finally reached the point where we value what society can do together collectively? I am so proud for Sony putting this into their... Wait, I'm sorry, what? This is about animals so dumb they're extinct now and a prehistoric squirrel who hasn't been able to get an acorn in over four movies? Nevermind.

Intellectual payoffs disregarded, Ice Age: Continental Drift floated it's way to a $46 million opening weekend. While definitely a Bering Land Bridge away from Brave and Madagascar 3's debuts, Continental Drift fit in nicely with the other three Ice Age starts of $46.3 million, $68 million, and $41.7 million respectively. Also, even with Ice Age 3 having the lowest opening of the franchise, it ended up making the most with $196.6 million. Most films make a third of their final total in their first weekend. Ice Age 3 made only a fifth of its total there. Translation, it can be a film people come back and again and again to, not just a one-weekend fling. I guess everyone really does love Raymond. You certainly don't want to wam-bam-thank you-ma'am him.

The Amazing Spider-Man continued on his "I'm not so bad!" run. Clinging to the wall by only slipping 44%, it's a better second weekend hold than either Spider-Man 2 or 3. Any other summer movie would be falling over themselves to talk about how they're set to make almost $300 million. Instead, it's likely to be the third biggest superhero film of the summer, and it's a distant third, so shouting "I'm #3... I'm #3..." doesn't set off any alarms. I mean, SWV could argue they were the third biggest R&B Girl Group in the 90's behind TLC and En Vouge. However, you didn't have to chase any waterfalls for those two groups to give you something you could feel. Even though SWV was "So Into You," we weren't so into them.

Ted continued his fluffy run cuddling a small 31% drop. Who knew after all those attempts at being an action-adventure star, Mark Wahlberg worked best as a comedic foil? It's like he and Matt LeBlanc should've switched careers. Mark could've been on Friends and Matt would've been in Max Payne, Shooter, Contraband. Oh, that also would have put Joey Tribbiani in Boogie Nights... forgetaboutit.

Brave looks courageous enough after a 45% drop to eventually pass Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, however, if Ted keeps the squeezing the Charmin, they both might be looking up at the stuffed animal. Men In Black 3's $175 million final tally doesn't seem final enough to finish in the Top Five. Don't tell Wesley Snipes, but betting on Black wasn't a good call for this pool.

On the Top Five front, The Amazing Spider-Man joins the fray and closes the book on Snow White and the Huntsman. At the same time, Brave gets pushed down to #4 which might be where it stays as long as it can hold off the hot-rising Ted and surpass the Afro Circus leaving Madagascar 3.

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:
#1. The Avengers - $613.5 million
#2. Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted - $203.7 million
#3. The Amazing Spider-Man - $200.1 million
#4. Brave - $195.6 million
#5. Men in Black 3 - $175 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 07/16/2012

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