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Indiana Jones And The Blockbuster Weekend - Week 4

Iron Man
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
What Happens in Vegas...
Made of Honor
Well, the buses from the retirement homes were really busy this weekend as more gray hair was present in theaters than an episode of the Golden Girls… and that was just onscreen.

One of the original blockbuster franchises returned after a 17 year absence and it certainly made the box-office bean counters fonder. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull discovered an epic $152 million in five days of release. Though it barely missed topping the Memorial Day record set last year by Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (Seriously, does anyone talk about those films using the "Curse of the Black Pearl," "Dead Man's Chest," or "At World's End" subtitles? I can see the nerd convention now: "So, I was watching Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest last night…" "Which one is that?" "Dead Man's Chest." "Yeah, which one was that?" "Dude, it's the only one called Dead Man's Chest!"), you won't find anyone at the Paramount lot complaining this week. The producers that paid $20 million each to Harrison Ford to open K-19, Hollywood Homicide, and Firewall with this same high profile result might be a little bitter, however.

Prince Caspian may be no Speed Racer, but the Mouse House must be freaking out at how quickly their supposedly second-to-only-Harry Potter franchise is falling apart. The Narnia adaptation fell 58% to collect $29.8 million and claim the honor of having the lowest second place gross over Memorial Day weekend in nine years. Now that's magical!

What went wrong with Narnia? Was a summer release too competitive for it (The Harry Potter films make more when released in the Holiday season)? Was it the complete abandoning of the four main characters from the first film in the marketing? The reason Disney chose this as the second film was because it was the only other book that featured the same four children, yet none of the flick's marketing highlighted that fact. Certainly, a time was going to come when you were going to have to sell the series on the brand instead of the characters people remembered from the previous film, yet this didn't need to be that movie. Unless the already in production Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie rebounds, Disney may really call off the rest of the adaptations.

If you're looking for a real hit, look no further than that Man of Iron. The latest Marvel Comics megahit pulsar-rayed another $26.1 million, just $3.7 less than Prince Caspian even though it's been out two weeks longer. If you're wondering why you've been seeing endless Hulk and Hancock ads lately, it's all about trying to cash in on the satisfaction that Iron Man's created in the marketplace. "Well, if I liked that super hero movie, maybe I'll like this one too." Of course, leave it to Warner Bros to not be trying to remind people yet that they also have a little super hero called Batman coming out in July. But wait, that's not Batman, it's The Dark Knight, my bad.

Everything else pretty much made what they were supposed to make. No huge return to the multiplexes for any of the old-timers (out-side of Iron Man).

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:

#1. Iron Man - $258.3 million
#2. Indiana Jones - $152 million
#3. Prince Caspian - $97.9 million
#4. What Happens in Vegas - $56.6 million
#5. Made of Honor - $39.9 million

This Week
I will concede that I am the last straight male who should have a relevant opinion about the Sex and the City movie. All I'll say is this: At its peek, it had about 7 million viewers a week as a TV show. If every single one of those people bought a ticket at say $10 that means the film will make around $70 million. Don't get me wrong, that's a nice sum for a moderately budgeted film. I just don't see the crossover appeal of this film like a Devil Wears Prada that can make $125 - $150 million. Maybe it should be more a race between this movie and X-Files 2 since I think no "non-fan" is going to be talked into seeing either one.

It's a busy time for Liv Tyler. While she takes second stage to a CGI'd green monster in a couple weeks, she's on center stage with a couple masked monsters this week in The Strangers. This looks like a creepier version of the decent Vacancy movie to me, yet that film didn't exactly make theater owners turn on the No Vacancy signs. Film quality aside, horror films rarely do well in the summertime (even last year's Hostel 2 couldn't buckle that trend), so Liv might just want to start talking about Hulk now during The Strangers press junket since that'll be the film people remember her from this year.

by Matt Neuenburg on 05/26/2008

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