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Inside Out's In; Ted Drops Dead; Terminator Exodus; Nothing Up Magic Mike's Sleeve - Weeks 8, 9, 10

Jurassic World
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Inside Out
Pitch Perfect 2
Mad Max: Fury Road
Terminator: Genisys
Ted 2
Magic Mike XXL
Sorry for the multi-week absence, but given what's been happening at the box-office, there's only two films that are creating yellow joy core memories. The others are causing blue sadness core memories of lost investments, the death of franchises, and diminished salary demands for next pictures. What's a Hollywood to do when America doesn't care about foul-mouthed teddy bears, futuristic cyborgs, and male strippers anymore?

One of the movies causing memorable emotions is Inside Out. With a $90.4 million debut, it was Pixar's second largest opening ever and their largest for an original film since 2004's The Incredibles started with $70.5 million. After a sensational beginning, the mixed-emotions movie went on to fall only 42% the last two weekends. Instead of the oddest thing being that someone made a family film with Lewis Black in a prominent role, it's that that same film has made $246.2 million in only three weeks. Amy Poehler's gonna be all rubbing this all up in Tina Fey's "MegaMind only made $148 million" face! That is, if that's something celebs actually do with each other.

Following in Inside Out's success was supposed to be the other warm-fuzzy family film, Ted 2. Who doesn't love horny and high stuffed animals? The first was a major smash cuddling almost $220 million and we all know how big the second Hangover movie was after the first Hangover movie. Reviews didn't matter and it almost doubled the first Hangover opening. Welcome to 2015 where Ted 2 debuted with more than $20 million less than Ted 1. Wait, what? Is that a misprint?! People seeking their R-rated comedies were supposed to be all over this! This was the "I can't believe they did that" movie of the summer and the only "I can't believe they did that" is that they opened $20 million worse than the original. What is going on in this country?! Ted 2 even tanked 67% in its second weekend and in ten days it's managed to make about as much as Ted 1 made in three days, $58.3 million. As someone who had this as their #5 film of the season, I've never wanted to punch a teddy bear so much in my life.

See, Mark Wahlberg, you make one Transformers movie and this is what happens to you. Shia LaBeouf could've warned you.

With that stuffed turkey behind us, it was clear sailing for the latest action film of the summer, Terminator: Genisys. These films always make money even if they stopped making sense 24 years ago (actually, they may have never made sense as I still can't quite understand how John Conner exists the first time 1984 happens without a Terminator being sent back in time). How does America treat Arnold Schwarzenegger's signature role 31 years later? Probably like today's audiences would treat Duran Duran. Terminator: Genisys generated a $28.7 million weekend and a five-day holiday total of $44.2 million. Sure, those aren't Steven Seagal's Under Siege 2: Dark Territory numbers, but both Terminator 3 and that sequel that shall not be named (Terminator: Salvation) made around $44 million in just three days in the previous decade. Producers were hoping this was going to launch a new trilogy of Terminator films. In the words on another Arnie movie, "Relax, you've just been erased."

What every Summer Movie Pool needs is a little magic so who better to provide that than Magic Mike XXL? If there's ever anyone who's been needed to be called back to their profession one last time, it's Channing Tatum's stripper character from the first Magic Mike. I'm not going to pretend to have seen the first film, but is his magic trick that he makes his clothes disappear? It wasn't in stuffing movie tickets down his g-string as Magic Mike XXL was only magical enough for an $11.6 million weekend and $26.7 million holiday five-day total. Maybe there aren't as many bachelorette parties this summer as there were three years ago? That or maybe women are just smart enough to know that Channing Tatum isn't any XXLer than he was last time or they would've ready about it in Us Weekly.

So what has everyone and their dog been seeing (cats don't count as cats don't care)? Apparently, Jurassic World. Yes, the film that's pretty much like everyone other Jurassic Park movie (kids in danger, check - scientists who think nothing can go wrong, check - people who warn them not to do this, check - sinister cooperate initiatives, check - make a ton of money, check, check, and check) is exactly the movie people want to see again and again this summer. It's now topped the box-office four weekends in a row which is almost unheard of in the summer season. That hasn't happened since The Dark Knight in 2008 and before then The Sixth Sense did it for five weeks in 1999. Usually, there's just too much competition to hold on for this long, yet this is a ride movie-goers wanted to go on again and again.

Jurassic World has now made a pre-historic amount of $558.1 million in just 24 days. I'd call this the #1 lock of the summer season, but I'm pretty sure I already did that for Avengers: Age of Ultron and we saw how long that lasted. I'm so confused this summer as to how the box-office is going, but I do know that's a good thing. Life's a lot more interesting when you have no idea how it's going to turn out, though please don't try to test that by feeling underneath your movie seat. While that may be interesting, it doesn't necessarily mean it's better.

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:
#1. Jurassic World - $558.1 million
#2. Avengers: Age of Ultron - $454.2 million
#3. Inside Out - $246.2 million
#4. Pitch Perfect 2 - $182.4 million
#5. Mad Max: Fury Road - $149.1 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 07/06/2015

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