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Iron Man Presses Competition And Leaves No Wrinkles - Week 1

Iron Man
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Made of Honor
Iron Man Presses Competition And Leaves No Wrinkles

If there's anything Marvel knows how to do right it's how to open the Summer Movie Pools. X-Men and Spidey films have been blowing the gates down all decade and Iron Man proved no exception. Opening with a three-day week of $98.6 million ($102.1 million total with the Thursday night showings), it was the second biggest opening for a non-sequel ever, next to Spider-Man 1's $114 million in May of 2002. Whereas Spider-Man was a household at the time though, Iron Man showed that other comic book films can deliver the same goods even without a Saturday Morning cartoon theme song.

Though the film certainly cost a lot to make, I wonder how much it took to elongate Jeff Bridges' head. Seriously, anyone else think that noggin' looked taller than Robert Downey Jr. up there on the screen?

Made of Honor did at least succeed as being something else for people to see walking $14.8 million down the aisle. That would've been good enough to be a #1 movie in April, however, we're not in Kansas anymore. Still, McDreamy has come a long way from playing second fiddle to Josh Lucas in Sweet Home Alabama. If Reese Witherspoon could go back and choose again, I'm guessing Dempsey wins.

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:

#1. Iron Man - $102.1 million
#2. Made of Honor - $14.8 million
#3. N/A
#4. N/A
#5. N/A

This Week
Here he comes. Here comes Speed Racer. He's a demon on wheels! My son told me the other day that he knew this was a "fiction movie" because no one would really ever name their kid Speed. Nope, it's not the flying cars, loop-de-loops, or chimpanzees as pets that clued him in, it was the character's first name. The Wachowski Brothers have a lot to make up for after Matrix 2 & 3, yet promising something that seems to be at least "fun" is a huge step in the right direction. No more moping Neo!

What Happens in Vegas apparently has to live together for six months after it gets married. Why Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz's marriage should have to last five months, three weeks, and four days longer than Britney Spears' Vegas wedding in 2004, I have no idea. At least, you know you won't have to worry about this bickering couple finally falling in love with each other at the end of the movie and choosing to stay married. That's never how these things end.

Extra Bonus Section:

Here were my picks for the 2008 season and my reasons behind them.

Ok, there were only two locks for me at first... Indy and Iron Man... Didn't know where's they fall, but knew they'd be a top five. After thinking about it, Indy's easily going to do $100 over Memorial Day weekend and there's not big film following it for three weeks... no way this misses the Top Five... suckage and "disappointing" has never stopped people from buying tickets during the summertime hype. Thus, I gave it my #1 spot.

Then I pretty quickly added Wall-E to the mix... so much so, that I made it a lock at #2. I think it can soar through July without any kiddie bumps and that it'll be a pretty damn good movie in and of itself.

I went with Prince Caspian as my #3. I'm reallllly not sold on the "Narnia is almost as big as Potter" thing and that this film will certainly do less than LW&W, but not by more than $50 mill which would still put it at $240 (granted, these were all my guesstimates before Iron Man came out).

I really struggled with #4 and #5. I went with Iron Man thinking it'd do a 70-75 million openings (oops) and end up around 210-220. Obviously, it's more likely a 275-300 movie now, but that doesn't mean everything else can't just happen to make more than I thought too. Hancock became by #5 as it'll open well, has no direct competition for 10 days, and if Will Smith can get Hitch, I Robot, and Pursuit of Happyness to cross $150, he can get a July 4th movie over $200 mill without even blinking. There's not even a question that he's the biggest box-office star in the world right now and why it almost pains me not to put this film higher, but I just feel like the movie's going to suck ass and no one's really going to like it.

Batman and Hulk are both $150 mill movies to me (along with Mamma Mia and Speed Racer).

Looking at the trailers before the films came out, I just said Iron Man is going to kick Batman's Utility Belt. One seemed totally fun, totally cool comic book movie. The other seemed dark, sorta interesting, and unfocused. I know there are people who "loved" Batman Begins and I'm not one of those people (just found it "interesting", nothing more, nothing less), yet the box-office seemed to share my view. It made about $200 mill ($50 million less than X-Men movies and $150 mill less than Spidey movies) and I don't think this one's going to do as well. Creepy Heath Ledger fascination aside, the trailers aren't that intriguing and I feel the "dark" tone that fanboys love doesn't produce the same number of popcorn eaters as lighter fare. I have nothing against people making both lighter and darker comic book movies, just that one sells better than the other. The Bond films always make money, but they're never even in the $200 range domestically. I think the Batman series under Nolan is going to be like that. It has its army of fans, but it doesn't attract a large enough audience to be a Top Five film.

And I hope I'm right since a LOT of people put the Bat in their Top Five and I didn't :)

by Matt Neuenburg on 05/05/2008

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