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Iron Man Puts Sugar In Speed Racer's Gas Tank - Week 2

Iron Man
What Happens in Vegas...
Made of Honor
Speed Racer
Well, we didn't have to wait long for the first bomb of the season. Talk about literally stalling at the gate, Speed Racer not only couldn't pass Iron Man in it's opening weekend, it couldn't even keep up with What Happens in Vegas.

The Warner Bros. crashtacular May history continues. They've only had one opening tent pole film (i.e. big moneymaker that paves the way for the rest of their summer schedule) since 1996's Twister actually have a big opening, and that was Troy in 2004 with $46.7 million. This year was no exception as the big-budgeted, heavily marketed Speed Racer sputtered with $18.6 million. McDreamy almost pulled in that much last week and the only special effects he needed was the stubble on his face.

What Happens in Vegas had no regrets after cashing in $20.2 million for the second biggest comedy opening of the year so far behind the $23 million opening of 27 Dresses. Considering it was the third comedy in three weeks trying to appeal to the female demographic (after Baby Mama and Made of Honor), Cameron and Ashton have to feel pretty good to be able to pull their audience in and trump the others.

Meanwhile, in just ten days, Iron Man has already become the biggest grossing movie of the year. Dropping an understandable 48% in its second weekend, Shellhead still pulsar rayed another $51.2 million over the weekend for a titanium-esque $177.8 million total. He's even on pace to out-duel the X-Men movies and become the second biggest superhero franchise in the world next only to Spider-Man. If the upcoming Marvel movie Magneto pulls in more than $200 million, than even the Marvel "villain" movies would be out-grossing DC "heroes" movies like Superman and Batman. Yikes, as if Warner Bros. isn't having a bad enough week already…

[For those new to the pool, an average movie declines 40% from weekend to weekend. Thus, when a film declines by less than 40%, that's seen as a good sign that it will have longer legs than normal. The alternative being if it drops by more than 40% it's on a faster track to coming out on DVD. To be fair, "huge" opening weekends generally decline by more than 40% and studio people are perfectly fine with this because so many people showed up the first weekend. Huge being like $50 million plus.]

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:

#1. Iron Man - $177.8 million
#2. Made of Honor - $26.8 million
#3. What Happens in Vegas - $20.2 million
#4. Speed Racer - $18.6 million
#5. N/A

This Week
You know you're big when people aren't even trying to counter program against you. Prince Caspian invades theaters this weekend and the big question with any sequel is: "Are we up or down in the polls?" Sometimes first films ignite a spark and it isn't until the extended DVD and cable views that the flames are fanned and people can't wait for the follow-up, i.e. The Spy Who Shagged Me. Other times, sequels do pretty much exactly what the first film did, i.e. National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Then, there are the sequels that no one was even asking for that are done as soon as they open, i.e. Speed 2. Where will the Prince lie? Somewhere in one of these three options and that's my lock of the week!

by Matt Neuenburg on 05/12/2008

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