It’s The Holiday Season and Aquaman Whoop-di-dooed Mary Poppins Return - Weeks 5-7 | Aquaman | Bumblebee | Holmes & Watson

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It’s The Holiday Season and Aquaman Whoop-di-dooed Mary Poppins Return - Weeks 5-7

Holmes & Watson
Mary Poppins Returns
Mortal Engines
Second Act
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
The Mule
Welcome to Marwen
It’s The Holiday Season and Aquaman Whoop-di-dooed Mary Poppins Return - Weeks 5-7

Ten new movies flooded the December’s landscape over the last couple weekends. People responded by saying “yes” to $25 for a movie ticket/soda combo and “no” to one-day shipping prices from Amazon. When these many films are released only some can float and others are doomed to sink. It only makes sense that the biggest hit was the one that could breathe underwater.

Many thought Aquaman would a be round peg trying to fit that square-hole of superhero movies. Instead, it’s almost made as much as last year’s Justice League in just its first 10 days! Opening with $67 million and barely missing a step in its second weekend with $52.1 million, this whale of a tale has already grossed $189.3 million. Without any major film releases on their way, expect Aquaman to continue reigning over land and sea for weeks to come. CGI Nicole Kidman for the win!

Aquaman wasn’t the only superhero to invade the holidays. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse opened better than expect with almost $35 million. Holding on with follow-up weekends of $16 and $18 million, this animated web-slinger has caught $104.8 million so far. This could open up new opportunities for animated superhero films to not just go the way of DVD/onDemand, but to cut their teeth on the big screen first. Comic book fans would say “Excelsior!” to that.

Mary Poppins Returns and Bumblebee had more humble beginnings with weekends in the $20 million range for both their first and seconds weekends. However, Mary Poppins has proven to have more midweek bang with families and those out of school than the most (only?) lovable Transformer. Mary Poppins Returns has pulled $99.3 million out of her carpet bag so far with Bumblebee stuffing $67.2 million in his glove box.

The Mule showed that Clint Eastwood still has more in the tank. Already at $61 million after another $12 million this weekend, people might just be stubborn enough to not let Clint leave yet.

Films that seem destined to be in the “middle” of these December releases are Vice, Sherlock & Holmes, and Second Act. They look to be shy of the “big” hits and in the “$40-$60 million ain’t bad” category.

As for the rest, Mortal Engines never even got out of park. It opened around $7 million and is basically done with around a $14 million total. Reviews weren’t kind and no one seemed to care. All the CGI in the world couldn’t get anyone into the theaters to see this mess. This was a very costly blow for Peter Jackson, but I’m sure he’ll still be the first one anyone hires when it’s time to reboot The Lord of the Rings again in another few years. Just think if he could make it six movies this time and each one be even longer!

Welcome to Marwen was an invitation no one RSVP’d for. With only $7.7 million total after 10-days, this Robert Zemeckis/Steve Carell project never made it past city limits. Each year I get tricked by trailers that there might be something different this holiday season like The Majestic or The Secret Life of Walter Mitty or Collateral Beauty and all these original whimsical films just seem to flounder... though I guess The Greatest Showman pulled it off last year. Maybe jazz hands make all the difference.

The Top Five If Today Was MLK Day:
#1. Dr, Seuss’ The Grinch - $266 million
#2. Aquaman - $189.4 million
#3. Bohemian Rhapsody - $189.2 million
#4. Ralph Breaks the Internet - $175.9 million
#5. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - $156.6 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 01/03/2019

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