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Karate Is King Even When It's Kung-Fu - Week 6

Iron Man 2
Shrek Forever After
Robin Hood
Sex and the City 2
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
The A-Team
Get Him to the Greek
In the battle of 80's remakes The Karate Kid crane-kicked The A-Team back to their maximum security stockade. Maybe folks wanted to see "Hang up the jacket" become the new "Wax on," maybe folks weren't ready for a movie where Jessica Biel was fully clothed the entire time, either way, one looked like its ready for a sequel and the other didn't look like it was going to get to a second season.

The Karate Kid got past the critics who complained the kid was actually doing kung-fu and not karate by judo-chopping $55.7 million in its first weekend. This not only sets up future Karate Kid sequels but also Jaden Smith as the new go-to teen star. He can even have an entire career remaking his dad's movies. Who's not going to be ready for a Wild Wild West reboot in 2025?

As to the younger Smith's acting ability, he clearly rebounded from The Day The Earth Stood Still where he was more robotic than Keanu Reeves (which is kinda like saying something's more wooden than Pinocchio), but still not quite up to the high bar set by older brother Trey in the Just The Two of Us video. It was up to Jackie Chan to carry the acting chops, which is usually where he should try to have a stuntman step-in, and he pulled it off Chantastically… Is there nothing this man can't do now?! If he doesn't get the same Oscar nod Pat Morita received from the first Karate Kid movie, I'm going to get Al Pacino to take a flamethrower to that place.

On the other channel was the long-awaited and highly-unanticipated The A-Team movie. While the nostalgia and charm seemed to be in place for a $25.7 million opening, apparently this property was not the Must See TV it once was. Put it this way, The Dukes of Hazzard movie seemed to have nothing going for it outside of Jessica Simpson in short-shorts and it had a $30 million debut five years ago. Folks who wanted to anoint Bradley Cooper as the next big "leading man" after The Hangover might want to come back down to earth. Mike Tyson was in The Hangover too but you don't see him headlining movies… well, except for the documentary Tyson.

The Sinister Six from the last two weeks all took a healthy dive this week as there were two other films people actually wanted to see. Get Him To The Greek head-up best with a normal 43% drop, yet the rest (Killers, Marmaduke, Sex, Prince) fell 50-55% and Splice mutated it's own super special 60% freefall. I'm not sensing a TNT New Classic out of any of this bunch.

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:

#1. Iron Man 2 - $299.3 million
#2. Shrek 4 - $210 million
#3. Robin Hood - $99.5 million
#4. Sex in the City 2 - $84.7 million
#5. Prince of Persia - $72.2 million

This Week
A new film comes out this weekend that has to potential to immediate jump past Robin Hood, Sex in the City 2, and Prince of Persia: Jonah Hex! Well, it also has the potential to make the producers of Splice go, "Phew, at least we didn't do that bad," so Warner Bros. shouldn't get too excited yet.

Yes, because Disney is only offering the most anticipated sequel since Killer Tomatoes Go To France, WB thought it would be a good idea to toss out a second-tier superhero movie (arguably even third-tier) with little fan-fare, little explanation, and just a "Hey, things explode in the old west" promotion to try and get people interested. If guys weren't biting for The A-Team, something every American male over 30 is familiar with, I can't see how Jonah Hex even comes close to that meager opening… And that was against only pseudo-tough competition like The Karate Kid… Try going up against TS3!

Yes, Toy Story 3 finally becomes a reality this week. The film that almost tore Pixar and Disney apart (Disney was so desperate to make a third Toy Story team, they were developing their own movie much to Pixar's chagrin before the Pixar/Disney merger happened) is now trying to tear Andy away from his beloved toys. Can they survive life in a daycare center? Based on what I've seen firsthand, the likelihood for survival is negative 2000, but this is Hollywood so I'm sure they'll find a way to avoid the chewing, gnawing, stomping, pulling, and throwing that generally happens to these toys. If this isn't the biggest opening ever for a Pixar film by Monday, I'll have lost all faith in American consumerism. Then again, if parents know they're just going to see the TS3 DVD for the next 15 years straight anyway, maybe they'll think "What's the rush?" We'll see…

by Matt Neuenburg on 06/14/2010

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