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Knight Is Still Dark For Mummy And Express - Weeks 14 & 15

The Dark Knight
Iron Man
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Kung Fu Panda
Mamma Mia!
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
The Pineapple Express
Two weekends later and nothing changed at the top of the American Box-Office… The Dark Knight was still the #1 movie in the land. In four weeks it's totaled a Gotham-sized $441.6 million. That's about as shocking as when George Clooney pulled out the Bat-Credit Card in Batman & Robin. Ah, that's just a film that keeps on giving.

The Mummy 3 showed the series wasn't dead yet as it opening with $40.5 million. Still, a hefty 60% fall in its second weekend showed it no longer had the Top Five muscle The Mummy 2 displayed. Considering that Brendan Fraser's character went from having no son in the first film, to an 8 year-old in the second film that came out just two years later, and now has a son in his 20's after a seven year gap between films, he looks phenomenal. Meanwhile, his son will be in a retirement home by 2013 at this rate of rapid aging.

Pineapple Express lived up to its Superbad potential of being an August month sleeper with a $23.2 million weekend opening and has smoked-out $41.3 million so far since it's Wednesday debut. I'm not sure why Dole missed the opportunity to brand itself with this movie, but hopefully it's not too late to start serving Pineapple Express with the whipped pineapple ice-cream they have at the Tiki-Tiki-Tiki-Tike Ti-ki Room at Disneyland. Is there a better way to enjoy animatronic singing birds?

People wanted little to do with Swing Vote or Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. However, why studios wanted to make them in the first place is an even bigger mystery. Weren't these like USA and Oxygen cable movies at best? Put Dylan McDermott and Debra Messing in both of them and call it a day.

A final note about Mamma Mia which has not been covered enough… Look, I'm all for equal opportunity amongst the sexes and Zeus knows men have been playing characters years younger than they really are. That said, does no one have a problem with 59 year-old actress playing the mother of a 20 year-old actress under the assumption that this daughter was conceived during her "wild and crazy" years. Oh, really, her years of youthful recklessness were when she was 39?!

Look, I get that it helps to have a "name" to make a movie, but this was Mamma Mia. A movie that was going to do between $125-$150 million whether it had Meryl Streep in the lead or Bea Arthur. Wouldn't a better idea have been to go with a Lauren Graham or Sarah Jessica Parker here? Someone who's actually about 20 years from those types of shenanigans? Yes, most men or women can only hope to look as good at 59 as Meryl does and her trampoline moves during the Dancing Queen number were Olympic worthy, but if there's one thing I want from my movies… it's realism. Now excuse me while I go watch some more comic book flicks.

Speaking of which, it looks like Iron Man has finally bronzed Indy's whip after all. They're both only available in discount theaters now, but Iron Man is on more screens and made $200,000 more than Indy last weekend. The tide has turned and it looks like the Man of Iron is going to be the one standing tall as the summer's #2 flick.
The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:

#1. Dark Knight - $441.6 million
#2. Iron Man - $316.5 million
#3. Indiana Jones - $314.7 million
#4. Hancock - $221.7 million
#5. Kung Fu Panda - $211.4 million

This Week
The last sorta "real" movies of the summer are coming out this week.

Ben Stiller brings his comic troupe out for a spin in the 21st Century version of Three Amigos called Tropic Thunder. I'm sure it won't do as well as next summer's Night at the Museum 2, yet anything that helps us forget The Heartbreak Kid is highly anticipated.

George Lucas tries to milk more money out of his disciples with the animated Clone Wars. Oddly enough, this is what most people thought the first three Episode films were going to be about. Instead we got plots about taxation, trading embargos, and how Natalie Portman's skin was soft and smooth unlike the sand of Tatooine that was course and rough and irritating and how it gets everywhere. With stories that good, how could they not sell?

by Matt Neuenburg on 08/11/2008

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