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Kong Is More Royality Than King - Week 7

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
King Kong
Chicken Little
Walk the Line
The Family Stone
King Kong was more like a 600 Pound gorilla in his opening weekend. For comparison's sake, we'll put Peter Jackson's simian somewhere between Magilla Gorilla and The Great Grape Ape.

Most studios would love a $50.1 million opening weekend and $66.2 million over five days, yet naysayers seemed to get caught up in the hype that a film with this much epic-ness should've opened even bigger. Time will tell, though things like this have been said before about films like Titanic and Son of the Mask and you know how those two turned out... OK, so maybe those things were only said about Son of the Mask. It's that Alan Cumming, he gets people talking!

Apparently there was some other movie released called The Family Stone with Sarah Jessica Parker and a cast of other TV stars. I can tell I'm not in the target demographic when a film can make $12.5 million in its opening weekend and can swear I never even saw a single commercial, billboard, or advertisement about it. Look, if they can't bother reaching out to me when I'm watching Ultimate Fighting Championships, I don't think they deserve my $10.

Meanwhile, Narnia kept the magic alive with $31.8 million in its second weekend and a 10 day total of $113.2. Not so much for Syrianna which dropped 52% to $5.6 million and a $22.5 gross. Sure, the percentage drop was about the same for the two flicks, but you can see the difference in half of $60 million vs. half of $12 million.

The Top Five flicks if today was Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Observance...

#1. Harry Potter - $252.6 million
#2. Chicken Little - $128.8 million
#3. Narnia - $113.2 million
#4. Walk The Line - $82.6 million
#5. King Kong - $66.1 million

This Week
Good news, there's another whopping batch of movies no one's excited about... Woo Hoo!!! It is starting to feel a lot like Christmas after all.

The only thing dumber than remaking a movie everyone already feels they've already seen is to remake a movie that no one ever recalls seeing in the first place. Fun with Dick and Jane (though you can hardly tell Jane's in this based on the movie poster which is all Jim Carrey with a barely visible Tea Leoni behind him, so I'm guessing it's mostly Fun With Dick... What, I'm just paraphrasing a title here) is a remake of a movie from the 70's. Unless you were Jaws, Star Wars, or Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, there's a very good chance that your movie was completely forgettable. I mean Airport movies were considered good cinema back then.

The Producers is another remake of a movie that was made into a musical and is now a movie of the musical which was based on the movie. Confused, you won't be after this episode of Broadway, the only place in the world where non-movie box office names can pack an 800 seat theater for weeks on end. Weird, do they not have cable there?

Munich is not just a great place for Oktoberfest anymore. It's a place for remorse, deep thoughts, and systematically killing everyone involved with the 1972 Olympic Israeli hostage crisis. Exactly the way I wanted to top off this joyous season.

Cheaper By The Dozen 2 explores the strange and unexplainable link between Steve Martin and Eugene Levy. What possible photos could Levy have to leverage himself into 78% of the Steve Martin canon? You don't see Martin crossing back over into Levy's primary movies. I mean I looked for him all over the place in New York Minute, but didn't spot Mr. Wild and Crazy Guy once. This leeching only works one-way, but why does it work. That's what I want to know.

by Matt Neuenburg on 12/19/2005

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