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Man of Steel Mans June Record - Week 7

Iron Man 3
Man of Steel
Fast & Furious 6
Star Trek Into Darkness
The Great Gatsby
Now You See Me
The Hangover Part III
This is the End
The Purge
It's a sad world we live in when a film can open with $128.7 million and it's pretty easy to sit back and go, "Eh, it should've done better." In 2002, Spider-Man debuted with $114.8 million and that record lasted for four years as the biggest weekend in cinematic history. Once it got blasted out of the water by the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Dead Man's Chest, with $135.6 million, now a couple films a year open to triple digits and they aren't all "big things." Something as forgettable as Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland began with $116.1 million. Likewise, even as much as I enjoyed Iron Man 3, it's $175 million debut is more memorable than anything in the film. Well, expect for Tony Stark mistaking a tattoo of himself for Scott Baio.

Instead, let's celebrate what we do have, which is the biggest June opening ever and best start ever for a Superman film! Yes, Man of Steel took off with $128.7 million and where it lands now is up to the citizens of earth whom he protects. While revisionist history paints Superman Returns as a box-office disappointment, it did start with a 5-day $84 million opening and reached a $200 million total, almost an exact copy of what Batman Begins accomplished a year before in 2005. While Batman's return was deemed a success, Superman's beginning was considered his end. Then again, maybe the recycled Lex Luthor and real estate plot from Superman 1, Supes suddenly having a kid wearing Aquaman jammies, and Kate Bosworth perhaps being the most miscast Lois Lane in human (or Kryptonian) history might have had something to do with it.

Also working in the big blue boy scout's favor? A lack of villains. It's been three weeks since the last big-budget smash, Fast & Furious 6. We've had some cute offerings along the way, a Now You See Me here and The Purge there, but nothing that got people's attention up to the levels of "Alright, I'm all in!" Massive explosions and men in tights? Excellent. Something for everyone. Just don't invite Edna Mode from The Incredibles. Her "No capes!" mandate doesn't apply here. He's... Superman! He's the only superhero that should be wearing a cape.

This Is The End is probably not the end of gonzo filmmaking and it probably shouldn't be. Ending with $33 million after it's five-day start, maybe this will encourage some folks to just make a movie sometimes. Have some fun, have some laughs, and don't make it some $170 million high-concept, big-budget monstrosity that requires 18 producers, 13 re-writes, and huge arguments over whether something so be lavender or periwinkle (I mean, it's obviously periwinkle, right?).

The Purge, not surprisingly, was purged of any crowds as it tanked 75% in its second weekend. It's typical of horror movies to have big drops after the initial "thrill" crowd all showed-up in the first few days. Especially of horror movies that don't have strong reviews, strong word-of-mouth, and aren't, uh for lack of a better word, strong. Still, with $52 million in 10 days, the film will likely make a 2000% profit of its $3 million budget. Why doesn't my financial advisor ever tell me we're a little low in horror movie stocks when discussing our mutual funds?

Now You See Me and Fast and Furious 6 continue to be seen making $11 million and $9.6 million this weekend respectively. The Vegas magician caper looks like it'll get to $100 million eventually, while Fast 6 might crash into the wall around $250 million.

While Star Trek shouldn't be going Into Darkness, the sequel was clearly not able to build on the momentum from the 2009 film and instead found the same old Star Fleet cadets. The film might be permanently docked at a Star Base around $230 million.

With Man of Steel taking flight, it was only a matter of time before another film was grounded. The Hangover Part III proved to be more of a leftover that people just wanted to clear out of their refrigerator. For those of you who had this in their Top Five, you now have Four Picks and a Funeral.

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:
#1. Iron Man 3 - $399.7 million
#2. Fast & Furious 6 - $219.7 million
#3. Star Trek Into Darkness - $211.1 million
#4. The Great Gatsby - $140 million
#5. Man of Steel - $128.7 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 06/18/2013

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