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‘Moana’ and ‘Beasts’ Feast Over Holidays - Weeks 3, 4, & 5

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them
Doctor Strange
Bad Santa 2

When I grew-up going to my grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving in rural Porterville, California (as opposed to “urban” Porterville, California), there was no tradition of seeing movies over Thanksgiving weekend. Well, maybe we would try to watch Sound of Music or Wizard of Oz (whichever one some network always seemed to play on Thanksgiving night), but the reception was so fuzzy with the rabbit ears, “seeing” wasn’t actually an option. Nowadays, catching a movie over Thanksgiving weekend is an American tradition like Black Friday and TMZ. If your film can’t make money over Thanksgiving weekend, you’re the untouched Jell-O with celery dessert someone brought to dinner… and no amount of Cool Whip on top can cover-up that you’re Jell-O with celery.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them found plenty of fans waiting six days before the fourth Thursday of the month. Debutting with $74.4 million, this wasn’t as “fantastic” an opening as Doctor Stranger’s $85 million start two weeks earlier, but the studio was hoping for a strong hold over the whole 10-day holiday period. Luckily, people continued to find the beasts over the next two weekends and Fantastic Beasts now rest with $183 million total. Not bad for a series a muggle like me couldn’t care less about, however, since it’s my pick as the #2 film of the season, I care very much about how it performs!

Moana had an $82.1 million five-day opening as The Rock’s animated, musical version of Jaws minus the shark and Richard Dreyfuss did well with audiences and critics alike. Maybe not actually having anything to do with Jaws, and more importantly Richard Dreyfuss, is what’s helped propel this movie to success. While its subsequent 50% drop the weekend after Thanksgiving doesn’t show signs for this to be a Frozen 2 type of success, it should perform a little better than Tangled’s $200 million gross and maybe more if it can stay relevant through December as well. After 10 days, it’s paddled-up $119.8 million.

If you forgot any other movie released over the past three weeks, you weren’t the only one. The Brad Pitt vehicle Allied had no allies. What part of a completely serious Mr. & Mrs. Smith set in WWII did people want no part of? Oh yeah, all of it. Angelina Jolie’s other ex fared even worse as Billy Bob Thornton’s Bad Santa 2 wasn’t the 80’s bad as in good kind of bad.

Meanwhile, Doctor Strange continues to operate at the top movie grosser with $215.5 million. Also, Trolls is trolling Disney as long as it stays as the top-grossing family film with $141.5 million. Finally, Arrival has admirably served its role as an alterna-hit for this sleeper film is almost at $75 million and has a chance at crossing $100 million by the time all is said and done. While the magic likely won’t last long for Amy Adams and her aliens in the Top Five, it serves as a nice reminder that as long Hollywood keeps putting these two great tastes together, things are going to be alright.

The Top Five If Today Was MLK Day:
#1. Doctor Strange - $215.5 million
#2. Fantastic Beasts - $183.1 million
#3. Trolls - $141.5 million
#4. Moana - $119.8 million
#5. Arrival - $73 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 12/05/2016

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