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Monsters University Grades World War Z On The Curve - Week 8

Iron Man 3
Man of Steel
Monsters University
Fast & Furious 6
Star Trek Into Darkness
World War Z
The Great Gatsby
Now You See Me
The Hangover Part III
This is the End
The Purge
After Earth
The Internship
The best weekends of the movie pool are when two big-budget films are both gunning for the top spot in their opening weekend and only one can win. It's like American Idol going up against The Voice except people actually notice. Though it usually feels like an easy call, clearly every pooler who picked The Hangover Part III to best Fast and Furious 6 found that as easy as mud pie in the eye. It's a mixed metaphor contusion, i.e. "A walk in the cake" which is what I misspoke the other day blurring "cake walk" and "walk in the park," that explains the confusion that can happen when worlds (or movie studios... same thing) collide.

Monsters University roared to the top with the second largest Pixar opening ever (behind Toy Story 3's $11.3 million in 2010) with $82 million. This obviously was not an elite school as almost everyone was allowed admission assuming they made it to the movie theater before their screen time sold out. While clearly well behind Toy Story 3's epic beginning, the last two Pixar films both began in the $66 million range (Cars 2 and Brave), so this is a nice bump. Monsters University will aim to stay in school until Despicable Me 2 applies and try to gain as many Freshman Fifteens as it can.

World War Z had such bad buzz coming into the summer season almost every review began as a backhanded compliment, "Well, it's not as bad as I thought it would be." Proof that buzz doesn't mean as much as a "Holy crap, look at that scene of an entire zombie mountain" trailer, the film literally rose from the dead with a $66 million grave robbery. This was a fantastic take for a movie many thought could tank along the lines of After Earth and even more evidence that Brad Pitt sells more tickets than Jaden Smith, despite the glaring hole in his résumé of any guest rap on a Justin Bieber song. But, Never Say Never... Brad Pitt's career is not over yet.

Perhaps Man of Steel should have gone with Man of Sandstone. The Last Son of Krypton eroded quickly with a very un-super 65% drop. Yes, $210 million in 10 days is out-of-this-world, yet that kind of fall is in the same ballpark as other illustrious films like Green Lantern, Battlefield Earth, The Happening, and most telling, Tank Girl. Could we live in a world where a film makes $300 million and people aren't sure whether they should even make a sequel to it? The only one who looked worse was Laurence Fishburne's trainer as the actor clearly is not in that same shirtless, hobo-looking, cave-rave shape he was in for The Matrix Reloaded.

This Is The End was the planetary opposite to Man of Steel as the low-budget movie fell only 37%. If the same crew of actors/friends finds themselves with nothing to do again in a few months, I'm sure they could figure out a way to make the sequel No, Really, This Is The End.

As the summer days are turning longer, so is the list of films still in the weekly Box-Office Top 20. Merely being on the list means little if the returns are also little, so let's say good-bye to a few of the 2013 Summer Pool pretenders.

Now You See Me can still be seen... just not on the Top Five.

Some internships can lead to full-time employment. The Internship led to "Uh, can you turn in your key card and be out of the building in 20 minutes?"

The Purge cleaned out horror fans' wallets and left them wondering why they once again fell for a good marketing plan instead of actually a good movie.

It may be easy to call Epic mediocre, though even worse words should be used for Beyonce's song from the film. Seriously, Rihanna has three new Top Ten songs a month and we're going on five years since Beyonce's last hit!

How far has Will Smith fallen? I'm pretty sure most people would've seen Jackie Chan being cast as Jaden Smith's dad in After Earth as a positive... at least they would've had chemistry!

Lastly, The Hangover Part III certainly hung on too long. It was like seeing 57 year-old Roger Moore bed Grace Jones in A View To A Kill. Wait, nevermind... that scene was wrong for a lot of other reasons.

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:
#1. Iron Man 3 - $403.1 million
#2. Fast & Furious 6 - $228.4 million
#3. Man of Steel - $210 million
#4. Star Trek Into Darkness - $216.6 million
#5. The Great Gatsby - $141.6 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 06/24/2013

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