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Ocean's Thirteen Sails Over Pirates - Week 6

Spider-Man 3
Shrek the Third
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Knocked Up
Ocean's Thirteen
Surf's Up
Ocean's Thirteen Sails Over Pirates

Ocean's Thirteen heisted the #1 spot away from Jack Sparrow with $36.1 million. The was George Clooney's first return to the top of a Summer weekend since Batman & Robin, and we all know how that film turned out. OK, actually, he did have The Perfect Storm between Batman and Oceans, yet that didn't seem to have the same punch. I'm like TNT, I know drama. Unlike The Perfect Storm, aka "Are we going to be smart, or are we going to be men? - Men!"

Sinking like Davy Jones Locker for a second straight week, Pirates 3 fell another 52% and might be iffy to even cross $300 mill. Studios may have been so stoked to have those huge opening numbers with our May trifecta that they didn't realize how quickly the films would collapse in the following weeks. It used to be opening weekends accounted for a third of the total gross. With Spidey and Pirates that number looks like it'll be closer to half.

Knocked-Up held-up well delivering only a 36% decline. At last, a film that didn't lose half it's audience from one weekend to the next!

Surf's Up (Everyone's just so "up" these days) was only a good thing if you liked four-foot waves. Opening with $17.6 million, there were no happy feet at the Sony Animation Studio Monday morning.

Hostel Part Double Capital I should prove that there are some places people would rather not visit again as it opened with less than half of the original's $19.6 million take by booking a mere $8.2 million. Apparently the twist of having the victims be women instead of men in this sequel wasn't appealing. I don't know why? Terrorizing and torturing women is such a new and fresh concept for horror movies. I bet Jamie Lee Curtis would've been good in movies like that.

Shrek 3 and Spidey 3 continued their descents with all the grace and poise that 45% and 43% declines allow. Considering Shrek 3 was only $2 million shy of Surf's Up opening numbers, it's safe to say it didn't feel any competition from another animated film in the marketplace.

The Top Five if Today was Labor Day
#1. Spider-Man 3 - $325.6 million
#2. Shrek 3 - $281.5 million
#3. Pirates 3 - $253.4 million
#4. Knocked-Up - $65.9 million
#5. Ocean's 13 - $36.1 million

This Week
The Silver Surfer will finally rise and will it lift the Fantastic Four with him? The FF money-wise kinda fall between the Daredevil/Ghost Rider Movies (made around $100 mill) and Superman/Batman (around $200 mill), and not even in the X-Men/Spider-Man league. I think the Surfer intangibles could certainly push them toward the $200 mill land, yet they could also fall back down to $100 levels since there aren't too many people who actually liked the first flick. Remember when Charlie's Angels came out with a sequel no one really wanted to see? Yeah, that's why Lucy Lui's back on TV this fall.

I can't be sure whether my first favorite TV shows were the Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman or The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew, but I can definitely be sure that the first album I ever got was of Shaun Cassidy in Christmas 1977 (featuring his remakes of Da Doo Run Run and That's Rock 'n' Roll). Man, that guy was really good at acting like he was singing… Anyway, even as a guy, I'm for some family fun detective Girl Power. I'm hoping the new Nancy Drew film's more mystery-toned than Clueless-toned, but how this film fares without special effects or a name cast against the Fantastic Four is probably the biggest mystery of all.

And, finally, there's apparently another movie to be released this weekend in about 3 theaters or so, DOA: Dead or Alive. There was talk of this flick going straight to DVD in the US (apparently it's already been released everywhere else), yet lucky for us, we will also get our chance to see video game fight scenes of woman in bikinis all to our selves. It's Mortal Kombat meets Baywatch… What's not to like? Sadly, the Up-Square Button-Left-Left combo won't keep you from wanting to kill yourself if you actually see this movie.

by Matt Neuenburg on 06/11/2007

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