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Only Comic Books Need Apply This Summer: Deadpool’s Not Dead Yet - Week 4

Avengers: Infinity War
Book Club
Breaking In
Deadpool 2
Life of the Party

Yes, there may have been a few weeks between superheros movies this summer, but you wouldn’t have noticed at the box-office. In three days Deadpool 2 grossed more on 4,000 screens than what those other five main releases did on 13,000 screens… and three of those have been out for 10 and 17 days already. There may be those who are ready to watch anything by a comic book movie, yet there’s plenty more that seem to watch only those.

Deadpool 2 shot to the heart (and you’re to blame) a $125.5 million debut. That this opened a touch smaller than Deadpool 1’s $132.4 million debut two years ago could be deemed a surprise. However, if it stays the course and ends up anywhere near DP1’s $363 million total, all involved will be very excited.

Somehow, buried under the important moral message that it’s ok to kill about 50 people when trying to teach one middle-schooler that he shouldn’t kill, it may be filmmakers who continue to mine the 80’s for nostalgic or comedic reactions to songs causing this drop in box-office revenue. Look, anyone 28 and under wasn’t even alive then! Adam Sandler was pulling this same stuff off 20 years and it’s still supposed to be OK now? There are tons of crappy and fun songs from the 90’s or 00’s. Com’on, Ryan Reynolds, don’t give us 80’s played-out foggies like Cher, Air Supply, and 9-5 when 90’s stuff by Michael Bolton, Meatloaf and Barbie Girl are there for the taking!

On the other side of the Marvel Universe, Avengers: Infinity War has been waging for awhile now to the tune of $598.5 million. That’s quite a total and a definitive line has been drawn in the sand. Still, if you’re into comparisons, Star Wars: The Force Awakens already had over $800 million after 24-days in release, so Jedi lovers can remind those Comic-Con CosPlay loving clowns they’re still not ready for a galaxy, far far away. It also means Infinity War may finish around $650 million. An impressive and mighty total, but not an uncatchable one if one of the other summer rabbits runs a better race.

In the “it doesn’t really matter” section, Overboard, Breaking In, Life of the Party, and Book Club all opened with about $15 million and will all probably gross around $40-45 mill. Not shabby for smaller-budgeted films, yet it would be more impressive this season if they merged into Over Breaking Party Club to make a $160 million. The possibilities of what would happen if Gabrielle Union broke into Diane Keaton’s Book Club while Anna Faris tricked amnesic rich Melissa McCarthy to be her maid are endless… or maybe I just thought of them all.

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:
#1. Avengers: Infinity War - $595.8 million
#2. Deadpool 2 - $125.5 million
#3. Overboard - $36.8 million
#4. Life of the Party - $30.9 million
#5. Breaking In - $29.1 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 05/21/2018

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