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‘Pets’ Shows ‘The BFG’ Who’s The BFD - Weeks 9 & 10

Finding Dory
Captain America: Civil War
The Secret Life of Pets
X-Men: Apocalypse
Central Intelligence
The Legend of Tarzan
The Purge: Election Year
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
Angry Birds

The Fourth of July has often meant fireworks are happening inside movie theaters and not just outside them. This year's holiday releases were more like firecrackers and that sound of the Piccolo Pete winding down is the direction they're heading as Dory washed them all away.

The BFG sort of won with $18.8 million in its first weekend… if winning is like a two-night stay in Barstow. The Disney/Spielberg connection wasn't enough to convince people who didn't know the source material and there may not be more than 18.8 people who actually did know the source material. Next time spend some of that $140 million budget on showing people why this is a better use of their AMC Stubs card than a Louis CK dog or Ellen DeGeneres Fish.

Almost doubling The BFG’s take was The Legend of Tarzan with $38.5 million. That was a lot more cash in that loin cloth than I’d suspected would get stuffed there, however, at $180 million budget (for a Tarzan movie… seriously?!), more than just Alexander Skarsgård is going to be left hanging on the vine.

Maybe not surprisingly, the real new movie winner over 4th of July weekend (besides America’s 240th birthday), was the just in time for the primaries release of The Purge: Election Year. Starting with a $31.5 million weekend on just a $10 million budget, that’s the kind of investment even the Brexit can’t bring down.

Of course, for all of those new movies, it was the old standby that once again dominated multiplexes for the third weekend in a row as Finding Dory let freedom ring to the tune of $41.8 million and after this past weekend it’s now surpasses Captain America: Civil War as the highest grossing film of the summer with $423 million.

For all that time I was looking at Independence Day: Resurgence as the nostalgia film of the summer, I completely overlooked the Finding Nemo nostalgia. Kids who were ten when Nemo came out also took another swim when they were 23 even if they didn’t have kids of their own yet. Still, even ten year-olds can put together that it took all of the Finding Nemo movie for Marlin to get from the great barrier reef to Sydney and in this film it takes 30 seconds to cross the entire Pacific Ocean to get to California. Plot convenience much?

Fireworks finally started happening the week after the Fourth, though, as The Secret Lives of Pets was exposed in a big way with $104.4 million. That was the largest opening ever for non-sequel/non-branded (that’s you, Minions) animated movie and almost $15 million more than Inside Out’s $90 million start last summer. This was a huge first step for this puppy and if it stays on course for a $300 million-plus total, it might just claw it’s way to be the #3 film of the summer. I’m not sure if the film includes a scene of a dog chewing up a 25 ft. water hose like it’s a licorice rope or if that’s just in the secret life of my pet.

On a minor note, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates debuted with $16.6 million which wasn’t even up to The BFG standards. Instead of being Wedding Crashers 2, it wasn’t even really Neighbors 2. Let this be a lesson to all of us that Craigslist is great for finding a lot of things, but wedding dates and movie ideas are not two of them.

Coming into Week 11, a few questions are starting to form. One, will the success of The Secret Life of Pets affect how Ghostbusters does this weekend? Look how Dory completely disheveled Independence Day. Two, what is even a reasonable guess on what would be a successful Ghostbusters opening? Is $50 million acceptable? Does it need to be $75 million or higher or it’s a bust? More importantly, do I ever have to hear that completely unnecessary Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott Ghostbusters remake song again? They can’t actually put that in the movie, can they? They know it’s terrible, right?

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:
#1. Finding Dory - $423 million
#2. Captain America: Civil War - $406.2 million
#3. X-Men: Apocalypse - $154.5 million
#4. Central Intelligence - $108.2 million
#5. The Angry Birds Movie - $106.1 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 07/13/2016

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