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Prince Assumes The Throne, But For How Long? - Week 3

Iron Man
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
What Happens in Vegas...
Made of Honor
Speed Racer
Managers will always say, "There's doing your job and then there's doing your job well." Well, let's just say Prince Caspian did its job.

Opening with $55 million, almost $10 million less that the first Narnia film 2 1/2 years ago, Prince Caspian was the #1 film of the week. That's still a ton of green, yet the fact that no other film even opened against the Prince meant it was expected to do a lot more. Perhaps kids will catch it Memorial Day weekend? The first film certainly was able to sell tickets for several weeks in a row, but that film didn't have to deal with Indiana Jones and the Man of Iron.

Speaking of the ole rust bucket, Iron Man still hauled in $31.8 million in its third weekend. A dip of only 38% at this juncture signals that the film is stabilizing into a normal trajectory and still has tens of millions to add to its $223.1 million total.

As happy as I am to have a good comic book movie and for it to do well financially, I'm still a little peeved that Paramount has penciled in April 30, 2010 as the date for Iron Man 2. I've never, ever, had to start the summer pool before a May date. Who said those people could get to change the rules?! I feel like Ben on Lost. It's a good thing they're giving me two years to get over this bitterness.

What Happens in Vegas held very well falling a mere 31%. Of course, if I only lose 31% of the money I bring to Vegas, that's a pretty good ratio too. Stratosphering at $40.3 million so far, this looks to be a very comfortable mid-size hit for Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher, which they both will be glad to have under their belts.

A good sign that your film isn't doing very well at the box-office is when Target has a whole wall of your merchandized toys with a red tag underneath saying "Price Cut." So, yes, if you want your Racer X helmet, Trixie helicopter, or Chim Chim cookies, get 'em while they're not hot as Speed Racer got a flat in his second weekend. Dropping 56% and filling a mere $8.1 million into his $30.3 million gas tank, it's sad to think Warner Bros. would've been better off pulling out a Lost in Space 2 (it's not like Matt LeBlanc and Heather Graham are busy) instead of this misfire.

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:

#1. Iron Man - $223.1 million
#2. Prince Caspian - $55 million
#3. What Happens in Vegas - $40.3 million
#4. Made of Honor - $33.9 million
#5. Speed Racer - $30.1 million

This Week
Alright, everyone knows there used to be three huge movie weekends each year: Memorial Day, 4th of July Weekend, and Thanksgiving Weekend. Well, the luster has pretty much gone out of Thanksgiving weekend as the "bigger" films are opening earlier in November. That leaves Memorial Day and July 4th as the two mega-weekends studios focus on each year. It's like Pavlov's dog and the bell is Memorial Day weekend and movies for filmgoers, so Paramount is very excited to be released the 4th film in an iconic and well-beloved franchise, Indiana Jones.

It's already been noted how old Harrison Ford is, which really just bothers us Gen Xers because it means we're that much older too, and how it's hard to tell whether the "kids" are still into this sort of thing. I don't think any of that is going to matter on this weekend though. It may matter next weekend or the weekend after that, but this Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will have all the eyeballs on it for now. Nostalgia doesn't even have to be good to be enjoyed, and it's near impossible not to enjoy the John Williams theme, the cracking of a whip, and the promise of an adventure. Next week I may say, "We named the dog Indiana," but for now, Indy, take me home.

by Matt Neuenburg on 05/17/2008

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