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Prometheus Bound By Madagascar 3 - Week 6

The Avengers
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
Men in Black 3
Snow White and the Huntsman
Dark Shadows
In the battle between intense sci-fi and vaudeville shtick, there was never any question that clown wigs and poop jokes were going to win. They win every time! Twelve years ago both Mission to Mars and Red Planet tried to be "intelligent" films expanding on the concept of life on Earth beginning someplace else. Besides those films being utter tripe, you know what the #1 film of 2000 was? The live-action version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas. People will always rally around funny costumes and flatulence. It's the chicken soup for the soul that comes with its own ipecac.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted rounded up $60.3 million in its first weekend. Marty, Alex, and the other's third adventure made a little less than the $63 million start Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa had in 2008. I suppose all of this could be due to the weaker Euro and the destabilization of the Greek and Spanish economy, but the darker territory this film tackles probably has more to do with it. After hearing about how harshly some European nationalists treat recent immigrants to their country, it's not a wonder some parents didn't want to their kids to see a bunch of zoo animals receive that same type of treatment. Just imagine the protests if some Danish cartoonist drew controversial editorial cartoons of... uh... a cartoon?

Prometheus gave life to a new film in the Alien family. While the film actually feels alien compared to other Alien films, a $51 million beginning is out-of-this-world for a film that had so many questions going into it. The movie actually had a slightly higher per-screen average than Madagascar 3. Adult audiences were certainly ready to leave their bubble-gum flicks behind for one weekend. Will they come crashing back to Earth next week or will they stay in orbit hoping the film makes more sense the less you have to deal with things like gravity and oxygen. In space, no one can hear your plot holes.

I have no idea what the Evil Queen put in that apple, but as soon as Snow White & The Huntsman bit it, the flick dropped 59% from its debut week with $23.1 million. Maybe all the Charlize Theron fans (If I had a quarter for every time Aeon Flux is on TNT's New Classics, I'd still need to borrow a buck to buy something of McDonald's dollar menu) flocked to see her in Prometheus instead of seeing yesterday's, err, last week's news. Instead of a happy ending, these fairy tale folks may have to settle for "acceptable." Just what every little girl dreams of... an acceptable ending! Did Jane Austin write this screenplay?

Men in Black 3 and The Avengers continued their decent with $13.9 million and $11.2 million respectively. Not so respective is the almost $450 million difference between their two tallies. Looks like Agent J should've forgotten Agent K and went back in time to get Stan Lee if he wanted to break records this summer. If this whole movie was a ploy by Will Smith to get in good with Pitbull so he'd make an even more annoying song than "I Whip My Hair Back and Forth" for Willow Smith, I would not be surprised.

Sadly, we've come to that point in the pool where we need to say "You Lose" to Battleship. You can't blame Hasbro for thinking, "Hey, if we made a billion dollars on those stupid Transformers movies, maybe we can make a film about Jenga and that'll do fine too." Unfortunately, Jenga's less wooden than the acting in Battleship. Even the director recently shared his struggle of "trying to get inside the material" when making Battleship. Really? Aliens battling the Navy in a force field around the Hawaiian Islands is like comprehending abstract physics? There's a reason no matter what letter and number you called, Battleship kept taking a hit.

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:
#1. The Avengers - $572.3 million
#2. Men in Black 3 - $135.9 million
#3. Snow White & The Huntsman - $98.5 million
#4. Dark Shadows - $73.8 million
#5. Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted - $60.3 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 06/12/2012

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