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Report Knocked-Up Doesn't Knock-Out Pirates - Week 5

Spider-Man 3
Shrek the Third
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Knocked Up
28 Weeks Later
[Hey, I made it through the first four weeks before missing a weekly update… That's probably the best start I've had in years. I should be congratulated instead of met with "Hey, I had week six in my pool for when you'd miss your first update." Besides, with the eminent Spice Girls reunion announcement coming any day now, there's a lot more important things afoot these days. Then again, I've been saying a Spice Girls reunion has been eminent for about seven years now. Com'on, if the Police could get back together and they actually had talent, certainly the Spice Girls should be able to pull it together.]

Sometimes it all comes down to perspectives. Pirates 3 easily beat Knocked-Up in the box-office race for the weekend, however Pirates dropped 62% of it's opening weekend audience (the exact same number Spider-Man 3 dropped) which seems like a downer. On the other side, Knocked-Up made $30.7 million which was already $700,000 ahead of it's $30 million production budget. Big huzzahs for the makers of Knocked-Up while Disney feels like someone bopped their mouse ears.

Still, Pirates 3 has taken in $217.5 million in 11 days, which is more booty than Bluebeard, Blackbeard, and ZZ Top beard have pillaged combined. Folks aren't exactly preparing signs that say, "Will make movies for food," though they are working on ones that say, "Will make moves for jets, yachts, rehab fees, and preferential treatment if incarcerated."

Shrek 3 and Spidey 3 both dropped 47% in their respective third and fifth weekends. Shrek's still pulling in mighty bucks with $28 million, however, while Spidey has slipped to single-digits and $7.6 million. At this point Shrek has an outside chance of catching Spidey and/or staying ahead of Pirates. It also has an outside shot at ending global warming, though I wouldn't quite invest in that prospect yet.

Meanwhile, the "dark" Kevin Costner sells about as well as the "light" Kevin Costner these days, which isn't necessarily a good thing. With a $10 million opening for Mr. Brooks, that's just actually less then some of his other forgettable films from this decade like Thirteen Days, Dragonfly, and The Guardian. Maybe it's time for the reunion film both he and Whitney Houston could use, The Bodyguard 2: Still Guarding with a tagline of "I will always love you… again." That's money in the bank, friends. Money in the bank.

The Top Five if Today was Labor Day
#1. Spider-Man 3 - $318.3 million
#2. Shrek 3 - $255.9 million
#3. Pirates 3 - $217.5 million
#4. Knocked-Up - $30.7 million
#5. 28 Weeks Later - $26.6 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 06/04/2007

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