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Sandler's Boy Tries To Rock Cruise's Ages - Week 7 Preview

Rock of Ages
That's My Boy
Adam Sandler once showed he could do more than just gonzo characters by singing 80s songs in The Wedding Singer. Tom Cruise is now singing 80s songs in Rock of Ages in his continued quest to show the world he's not actually gonzo. It's amazing that people continually flock to the decade that brought us Garbage Pail Kids as the one to show the world they're normal.

After six straight summers of movies, Sandler took last season off to release a February semi-hit, Just Go With It, and the infamous November release of Jack and Jill, which, though by all accounts was gawd-awful, was not the flop people assume it was. The Opera Singer returns to the sun-drenched theaters he's owned for numerous years with a role that looks like he found at the bottom of an editing floor from his '90s movies. That's My Boy highlights Sandler as the obnoxious, over-the-top persona he hasn't banked on in years. I can't imagine Mark Walhberg calling-up the Funky Bunch for a reunion tour.

Perhaps in response to some of the diminishing returns for his recent comedies, Sandler feels the need to take it up a notch. That's My Boy also sports Sandler's first comedy film with an R rating (We're not counting Bulletproof... no one's ever counting Bulletproof). It's as if Sandler's saying, "Hey, remember all those big raunchy hits like The Hangover and Wedding Crashers? Well, now it's my turn!" That sounds great, except this premise seems as dated as John Mayer. An irresponsible dad that embarrasses his straight-laced son? Thomas Edison almost went with that idea before settling on a heist movie with The Great Train Robbery. People were intrigued to see The 40 Year-Old Virgin. Not so sure the same would be said about The 40 Year-Old Degenerate.

The summer season has been kind to musicals. Both Hairspray and Mamma Mia sang their way (or maybe more croaked their way in Mamma's case) into air-conditioned hearts. Rock of Ages certainly could fall into that same category, except the one thing it has going for it, 80's glam metal nostalgia, might be the same thing that warns off some of that typical musical crowd. The retirement home busses and moms with young daughters may not be that excited to visit a film highlighting drugs, sex, and decadence. Of course, these are the same moms who've shown their daughters Grease a thousand times which teaches them to get a man you need to smoke and dress like a slut, so what am I talking about?!

Gleeks will find a ton to love with the constant musical mash-ups and they won't have to deal with every character telling Lea Michele how wonderful she is every five minutes. It's a K-Tell collection of 80's rock songs with an ensemble cast of Russell Brand, Alec Baldwin, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julianne Hough, and Tom Cruise, who each character will be saying how wonderful he is every five minutes. Rock of Ages could be the perfect film for moviegoers who still proudly wear their MTV Headbangers Ball t-shirts. For those who preferred New Order to Bon Jovi, they might need to save their Bugle Boys budget for Just Can't Get Enough Blue Mondays Like Heaven.

by Matt Neuenburg on 06/15/2012

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