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Second Verse, Same As The First - Week 2

Spider-Man 3
28 Weeks Later
Week 2 of the pool was about as surprising as the new Linkin Park song sounding like every other Linkin Park song.

Spider-Man 3 continued to mop-up the box-office, though its web may not be as sticky as intended. Dropping 62% in it's second weekend wasn't encouraging, though the fact that that still meant another $58.2 million dollars definitely helped soften the blow. It has been a spectacular $240.2 million dollars total in 10 days, however signs point to the film decreasing even more so with Shrek and Pirates landing on shore soon. Maybe having Kirsten Dunst turn the film into her own American Idol audition tape wasn't such a good idea.

[For newbies to the pool, an average decrease from one weekend to the next at the box-office is 40%. In a nutshell, if the decrease is around there or lower, it's a good thing. If the decrease is more than that, it's a bad thing. The caveat for mega-blockbusters is that they may open so high, they have to crash more. Still, you'd then want that crash to be around 50% and not in the 60's.]

In second place was 28 Weeks Later which opened three years after the first 28 Later film and yet $300,000 less than the first flick with $9.8 million. This is not the way inflation is supposed to work. Voodoo economics has nothing on zombie economics.

Garry Marshall has had his share of summer success with Runaway Bride and The Princess Diaries movies. Georgia Rule sadly will fall with some of the "other" Gary Marshall films like The Other Sister and Exit to Eden. The only thing it ruled was in repelling movie goers after a $6.8 million opening. I think his 20th anniversary collector's edition of Overboard this year will make more than that.

Delta Farce opened even worse that Larry The Cable Guy's Health Inspector movie. I don't think I want to live in a world where that's even possible. Still, with $3.4 million, that was more than Lucky You pulled off.

The Top Five if Today was Labor Day
#1. Spider-Man 3 - $240.2 million
#2. 28 Weeks Later - $9.8 million
#4. Georgia Rule - $6.8 million
#4. Lucky You - $4.3 million
#5. Delta Farce - $3.4 million

This Week
It's all about the Shrek as pretty much every other competitive film steered clear of this weekend. Maybe Warner Bros. will try to open Lucky You again since no one noticed the first time.

The last time around, Shrek 2 set records with it's opening. Certainly it's 90 minute run-time went a long way. Being able to air more times during a day increases the potential for revenue. Are audiences still hankering for a bit of the cantankerous ogre's antics or can we all take a stand to put an end to Antonio Banderas career once and for all?

by Matt Neuenburg on 05/14/2007

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