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Sex Doesn't Sell And Prince Is Overthrown In An Unmemorial Day Weekend - Week 4

Iron Man 2
Shrek Forever After
Robin Hood
Sex and the City 2
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
Letters to Juliet
The battle for which new film would trump the other wasn't even a battle… They both failed to show-up! Creating the weakest Memorial Day Weekend at the box-office since 2001 where we thought Pearl Harbor was going to legitimatize Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett as stars for the rest of the decade, let's just say these results sunk more than one pooler's fleet.

Prince of Persia's $37.8 million debut seems fine on the surface, until you realize that it's almost $50 million less than The Day After Tomorrow made also starring Jake just six years ago. Disney was hoping for another Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, however, whereas everyone in the universe has gone on that ride in the last 60 years, only some gamers who haven't stepped out of their house since Metal Gear Solid 2 have heard of Prince of Persia and this film was not going to get them to put their controllers down.

Sex in the City 2 was stuck in the sand right behind Prince with $36.8 million over the weekend, yet including it's Thursday opening, the film has made $51 million so far. The original Sex attracted $56.8 million over a true three-day weekend and this film is a broken heel short of that even with Thursday and Monday included. It should be noted, though, that's $50.9 million more than whatever the last film was that starred Matthew Broderick, so at least we now who still wears the box-office that family.

With the new films failing to find fans, Shrek Forever After stayed atop the charts again with another $57.1 million. While not completely course-correcting the Lord Farquaad-esque (i.e. short) opening weekend numbers, it at least showed some promise and with an even weaker list of competitors this weekend, the ogre might even pull out being the #1 film for three weeks in a row which is generally unheard of in any summer.

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:

#1. Iron Man 2 - $279.7 million
#2. Shrek 4 - $146.8 million
#3. Robin Hood - $86.1 million
#4. Sex in the City 2 - $51 million
#5. Letters to Juliet - $38.2 million

This Week
Every now and then there shows up an "Oh, let's just throw it out there and see how it does" weekend during the Blockbuster Pool. I call it the Pu Pu Platter weekend as it's basically filled with flicks no one really cares to see in the first place or they wouldn't all be opening on the same weekend. You can tell studios have no clue how their films are going to do when there are FOUR new flicks in a weekend that can only support two flicks at most, and in this case none of them might succeed.

First up, Marmaduke. A family film about the comic strip dog that existed in a world when people still read "the funnies." While Marmaduke was never my favorite (let's just say it was no Heathcliff), I don't recall fart, poop, and urine jokes ranking high among it's "go-to" joke routines. This flick seems about as "based on the comic strip" as Garfield was based on a President.

Next we have Killers. I'm not one to judge a movie solely by its trailers, however, when the commercials fail to communicate the main story or anything at all interesting or funny about a movie, it's not a good sign. Worse, how could the filmmakers not even talk The Killers into doing a them song for the movie? Talk about an obvious tie-in. If Duran Duran wasn't "too big" to do a Bond theme with A View To A Kill, I'd think The Killers can handle an Ashton Kutcher movie. I mean, com'on, are they human or are they dancer?

Get Him To The Greek is marketing itself as a "Well, of course that's going to be a hit" type of movie, but even the film it's connected to, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, has… well… already been forgotten. When my wife's only memory of Russell Brand is as a sidekick character to Adam Sandler in Bedtime Stories, that's not a "win" in the mainstream appeal column. That's only a score in the "we're about as inconsequential as Rob Schneider" category.

Finally, we have the film Splice. A friend told me she hoped this film would seriously handle the ideas of cloning and genetics instead of just being a "monster" movie. She may be hoping for a different movie as this film seems to be Species without a hot blonde… and Species without a hot blonde is a good idea because…? Yeah, I have no idea either. Well done, producers. Well done.

by Matt Neuenburg on 05/31/2010

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