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Shrek Phenomena Not Orge - Week 3

Spider-Man 3
Shrek the Third
28 Weeks Later
Shrek The Third lived up to its billing as it became the third highest opening of all-time (behind Spider-Man 3 and last year's Pirates of the Caribbean). $121.6 million was not chump change considering how many tickets were purchase at child and matinee prices. Wait a second. Child and matinee prices are like $9 these days, so who are theater owners kidding with these "discounted" prices? It's like Carl's Jr. charging $5.95 for one of their fancy Six-Dollar Burgers. Who's fooling who here?

With Pirates 3 just a week away, Shrek needed to strike fast and it did its job. Now the question remains can it hold on during the upcoming storm or will moviegoers abandon it for the seven seas over the holiday weekend? If it's anything like the Shrek McFlurry that looked 10 times better in the Drive-Thru picture than when I actually got it, I'm guessing no.

Spider-Man 3 held up a little better this week dropping on 50%. Slinging another $29 million for a $282.4 total, the film is looking more like a film that will end-up around $350 million instead of in the $400 million range that many poolers (including me) thought it would. Then again, after what that black goo did to Eddie Brock's teeth, I bet you lost the American Dental Association vote right there.

The Top Five if Today was Labor Day
#1. Spider-Man 3 - $282.4 million
#2. Shrek - $121.6 million
#3. 28 Weeks Later - $18.9 million
#4. Georgia Rule - $12.9 million
#5. Delta Farce - $6.1 million

This Week
Just like last week was all about the Shrek, this week is all about the Pirates. I'm not quite sure why people are so excited about this film. You'd think after the last nonsensical film people would want no part of it, much when Matrix Revolutions opened. That doesn't seem to be the case based on cheers I hear when the trailer plays in the theater. I never heard that kind of ovation when the trailer for Police Academy 5 was playing. Then again, without the Guttenberg, a Police Academy movie deserves stunned silence.

Can Pirates 3 topple Spider-Man 3's three-day gross or will the American public actually say, "Wait, I didn't really like the last one. Why do I want to go see this one?"... Nah, it'll break the record.

by Matt Neuenburg on 05/21/2007

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