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Shrek Shouts Fore After Going Off Course - Week 3

Iron Man 2
Shrek Forever After
Robin Hood
Letters to Juliet
A funny thing happened on the way to being a sure thing. Three years ago Dreamworks announced there would only be one more Shrek movie because they didn't want to wear out their hit franchise. Too late. It looks like they already did.

Shrek Forever After managed a swamp infested $70.8 million in its opening weekened. Wait, that's more than even Up made in its opening weekend last year. That's good, right? Well, when you make $50 million LESS than the $121.6 million Shrek the Third debuted with (and that was without the higher ticket prices of 3D showings), that ain't grand. Apparently Love Guru and Meet Dave were enough to drive people away from seeing another Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy movie.

Interestingly enough, the film received better reviews than Shrek the Third. However, as we've learned time and time again, even if you make a good Police Academy 4, people are always going to remember how bad Police Academy 3 was. You can't get them back. The lesson, as always, more of Bobcat Goldthwait is never a good thing.

I will say, though, Disney has to be a little concerned about all this. If people are "tired" of Shrek, who's to say people aren't "tired" of Toy Story? It may have been 11 years since Toy Story 2, but every red-blooded, American parent has seen those two movies to infinity and beyond on DVD.

In the world of TV skits to movies, MacGruber found one other bomb he couldn't defuse… His own movie. Making an unfathomably low $4 million total, MacGruber couldn't even surpass a craptacular SNL flop like The Ladies Man. Wow. Has there ever been a more misguided effort to make a hit out of something people didn't even want to see in the first place? I'll tell you what's more misguided… trying to make Kristen Wiig look like a female Owen Wilson on the MacGruber posters! Americans don't need any more confusion in their lives.

Ironically enough, the Friday MacGruber opened another studio released a statement that they were going to make an actual MacGyver movie (obviously, trying to try and catch some momentum from the pending success of MacGruber). Let me guess that by Monday morning that same studio stopped trying to make an actual MacGyver movie.

Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood has reasonable falls of 49% and 48%. That was enough to pulsar ray Iron Man 2 to $251 million and target Robin Hood with an ominous $66.6 million.

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:

#1. Iron Man 2 - $251 million
#2. Shrek 4 - $70.8 million
#3. Robin Hood - $66.6 million
#4. Letters to Juliet - $27.3 million
#5. Just Wright - $14.7 million

This Week
50 years ago the sword and sandals movies were all the range with Spartacus, Ben Hur, The Ten Commandments, etc. Jerry Bruckheimer's trying to bring that all back with his epic Prince of Persia movie. It may even work, however, with all the money they're putting into CGI effects, they might as well have just made a CGI version of Charleton Heston or Kirk Douglas as the star. That's the biggest question mark with this movie. Jake Ghyllen-who is the star?

Still, no one went to see Transformers because Shia LeBouf was in it and no one's running out to see Prince of Persia because of the Jake factor. It's sand, special effects, stunts, and action. If the film can deliver on those levels, folks looking for their next fix after Iron Man 2 will make this their #1 choice this weekend.

On the other hand, if people just want sand and accessories, they'll stick with Sex and the City 2 as the ladies take a trip to Egypt. The first flick was a surprise smash, yet that begs the question whether it was a one-time blip or a long-term trend. Are gals dressing up, drinking Manhattans, and heading out in packs all over again or is it a drinking a nice glass of wine while wearing pjs kinda night? I've never tried to understand women, so I'm not going to start now. That said, if the ladies had gone to Forks, Washington instead of Egypt, I think they'd have made a lot more money this time around.

by Matt Neuenburg on 05/24/2010

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