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Snow White Hunts Down Men In Black - Week 5

The Avengers
Men in Black 3
Snow White and the Huntsman
Dark Shadows
The Dictator
In the history of princesses, Snow White is rarely seen as a Xena Warrior Princess type. With her chirpy vibrato in the classic Disney version and her mad cleaning skills on display at the dwarf's house, she comes off more as a princess version of Alice from The Brady Bunch. How could you take that wimpy, helpless character and turn her into Joan of Ark? Thanks to the magic of Hollywood, Universal found a way and they were rewarded for their efforts with the #1 movie of the weekend, a new potential franchise, and maybe even something they can turn into a theme park ride (Anything would be better than Snow White's Scary Adventure at Disneyland). You know, everything Battleship was supposed to be but wasn't.

The seven dwarfs helped Snow White & The Huntsman mine $56.3 million in its opening weekend. This puts the film in line with last year's X-Men: First Class which debuted to $55.1 million on this same weekend. While that film had the benefit of an existing movie franchise and comic book fan base, Snow relied solely on its marketing and worked hard to get what it got. It may take a second solid weekend before the long term prospect of this film can be measured, however in three days it's almost topped what Mirror Mirror made during its entire run. Of course, that mirror hadn't been cleaned in months and it looked like your contacts were dirty when you looked at it, so you don't necessarily want to hang your hat on that achievement, but it's a start.

Men in Black 3 dropped a very respectable 46% after a holiday weekend. Maybe it just took moviegoers an extra weekend to make sure this wasn't some original Men in Black reopening in 3D ala April's Titanic release. More importantly, do we have to wait another 10 years before they reboot the whole franchise with Josh Brolin as the current Agent K and Jaden Smith as Agent J? Will they have to go forward in the future to find the older Agent J played by Will Smith? Oh crap, I think I just gave them the premise for Men in Black 5 and we haven't even gotten through #4 yet. Oh well, you're welcome, Sony Pictures. Don't forget to send me my residual checks!

You know that whole "biggest comic book movie ever" title The Dark Knight used to have? Emphasis on the "used to have." The Avengers hulked-out another $20.3 million and has now surpassed that 2008 blockbuster with a $552.7 million total... so far! It's still got miles to go and the pages keep getting turned in this graphic novel. This film's going to cross $600 million no questions asked... not even obvious ones like, "Wait, if Bruce Banner says his secret is that he's always angry, how come he's not always the Hulk?" or "Why didn't Thor at least see Jane Foster in the time they had to dress Loki up in a smart suit before never being able to come back "again"?

The only fight Battleship is in is to see which is the bigger bomb of the year. Though all attest John Carter cost more to make, the film was able to make a Mercury-sized version of Mars impression with $72 million. Battleship's at $55 million so far and its final tally is more likely to fall in the dwarf planet category below $70 million, which we can only hope sparks some love for Eris! Everyone's all for slobbering over themselves trying to keep Pluto a planet and waxing nostalgic about all Pluto's meant to them, but what about the new guy? Where are the crowds rallying for the tenth planet when we need them? Eris! Eris! Eris!

Sadly, we must now say good-bye to The Dictator. The adventurous Sacha Baron Cohen movie only found his own fans and couldn't convert any other non-believers to his cause. Usually it takes years to get a tyrant out of office, but here in America, it just takes about three weeks of indifference and your film is toast. Don't forget to burn the oil fields on the way out!

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:
#1. The Avengers - $552.7 million
#2. Men in Black 3 - $112.3 million
#3. Dark Shadows - $70.8 million
#4. Snow White & The Huntsman - $56.3 million
#5. Battleship - $55.1 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 06/04/2012

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