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Solo Goes It Alone; Ocean’s 8 Literally Down A Few Numbers - Week 7

Avengers: Infinity War
Book Club
Deadpool 2
Life of the Party
Ocean's 8
Solo: A Star Wars Story

Yes, it’s been three weeks since an update, but only two movies matter to anyone from that time. Let’s check in on what’s going on before things get “incredible” in a jurassic “world!”

Solo: A Star Wars Story had the premise of legend: Let’s tell a prequel story about one of the most beloved Star Wars characters in history! An odd thing happened along the way… the dude was kind of a bore before Luke and Leia entered his life. There’s a reason he was doing nothing better than sitting around a cantina on Tatooine waiting for old fogies like Ben Kenobi to ask him for rides to Alderon.

Solo opened with $85 million which is only like, I don’t know, $70 million less than Rogue One’s $155 million debut. Rogue One, you remember, was a Star Wars Story where we didn’t know anyone, and that was a better sell than Han Freaking Solo! The force was not strong in this one… not at all.

I’m sure Alden Ehrenreich is a fine actor (OK, I honestly have no idea at all), yet the oddest thing to me throughout Solo was wondering when does Han Solo show up?! There’s downplaying and there’s not even being in the room. This felt like the Star Wars movie that needed that Chris Pratt, that Paul Rudd, that “something” Marvel did to mix-up their movies and have some fun in them. Instead, it’s a character piece that keeps waiting for a character.

With both Deadpool 2 and Solo dropping 65% in their 2nd weekends (sorry, this is what happens when you’re a 2nd grade teacher, I mean “second weekends”), neither seems to be clicking as the sure-fire thing for this summer. Yeah, they’ll make their money, yet not as much as the money they’re leaving on the table if they’d actually delivered the goods.

Speaking of delivering the goods, Ocean’s 8 placed itself as the “woman” movie of the year (well, next to Book Club) even if it was directed by a man and James Corben pretty much steals the whole film in the final 15 minutes. Why isn’t that heist listed in the plot synopsis? Maybe next time call it Ocean’s 9 and put him on the poster!

Ocean’s 8 debuted to $41.3 million which is good enough for the biggest debut in Ocean’s series history!!! That might have a little something to do with each of the other films starting in the high 30’s over 10 years ago when movie tickets cost less than double digits, but that’s too much small print to put on a movie ad. Let’s just roll with “Biggest Ocean’s Debut” ever, wish the girls luck, hope for a real Ocean’s 9 with Corben, and that the next “job” has some actual drama and a villain you actually want to lose like Ocean 11’s Andy Garcia’s instantly hateable Terry Benedict (Seriously, Terry Benedict is a name you want to punch even before you meet the guy!).

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:
#1. Avengers: Infinity War - $655.1 million
#2. Deadpool 2 - $279.2 million
#3. Solo: A Star Wars Story - $176,7 million
#4. Book Club - $57 million
#5. Life of the Party - $50.3 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 06/14/2018

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