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Still Crowded During Rush Hour - Week 15

Spider-Man 3
Shrek the Third
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
The Bourne Ultimatum
Rush Hour 3
While it was $18 million less than Rush Hour 2 opened with in 2001 (yes, that also means it's been six years since Chris Tucker co-starred with Michael Jackson in the You Rock My World video), Rush Hour 3 was still Chantastic opening with $49.1 million.

I'm still not sure why director Brett Ratner was so determined to put the "A Brett Ratner Film" over this movie though when his directing style in the Rush Hour 2 constituted of letting the camera keep running well after the scene stopped being funny (which wasn't long at all) and letting Chris Tucker improve 50 takes for every line hoping the editor could find one that was actually funny later on. It's like taking credit for keeping someone's seat warm.

I think I'll do that the next time someone needs to sit in a spot I've already been sitting in: "Hey, here you go, you lucky person. I kept the seat warm for you. This is A Matt Neuenburg Chair!"

The Bourne Ultimatum held well dropping only 52% and looks to easily become the most successful film in the franchise. Will it have enough to join the other $300 mill juggernauts? Probably not. But if you included Bourne and Ocean's 13 together, he'd have something!

Stardust was left in the dust, as the inventive fantasy picture didn't attract many takers with a $9.2 million debut. Maybe it'll find an audience on the DVD/Cable circuit, as another inventive film that didn't take-off until it's second life was The Princess Bride.

Well, if Cuba is to Eddie what Daddy Day Camp is to Daddy Day Care, no fat suit in the world will be able to save Cuba's career. The Day Camp earned $3.4 million in its first weekend while Day Care went on to gross over a $100 million. Still, Cuba's got an Oscar and Eddie doesn't so that, uh, means nothing really, does it?

The Top Five if Today was Labor Day
#1. Spider-Man 3 - $336.4 million
#2. Shrek 3 - $321 million
#3. Pirates 3 - $307.6 million
#4. Transformers - $302.9 million
#5. Harry Potter 5 - $272 million

This Week
The umpteenth retelling of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers story (and none have ever topped the '56 original movie) comes to us via Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig in The Invasion. I have higher hopes for their "other" movie coming out at Christmas time, The Golden Compass.

Can the hot streak continue for the people behind 40-Year Virgin and Knocked-Up? They turn to the high school nerd world looking for sex in their latest comedic farce, Superbad. Given the budget was probably $5 million, it could open superbad and still make a profit.

by Matt Neuenburg on 08/13/2007

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