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‘Terminator’ Has A ‘Dark Fate’ At Box-Office - Week 1

Arctic Dogs
Frozen II
Jumanji: The Next Level
Motherless Brooklyn
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
Terminator: Dark Fate

After an October that only had a one-two punch (or maybe just a one-one-and-a-half… No one would call Maleficent: Mistress of Evil any more than “half” a hit), audiences were starving for the hits that every Holiday Movie Season promises and they stormed box-offices in record crowds! At least, that’s how the story was supposed to go. Instead, AMC A-Listers seemed to take a swipe left approach after the first weekend in our pool was more of a ripple than a splash.

Terminator: Dark Fate opened to $29 million over its opening weekend. Uh, so that’s $2 million more than the Terminator: Genisys opening in 2015, but that flick didn’t even make it to $90 million total. This is not what the three studios investing almost $200 million into this movie were hoping to get. Maybe they should’ve gotten an investment from a fourth studio called Skynet.

That said, the reviews for Terminator: Dark Fate were mostly positive (as opposed to the last few Terminator films). Perhaps this can have some legs and last a little longer than it’s opening suggests. Still, this is a franchise that means nothing to people under 40. I know… I’m over 40! You can’t go almost 30 years since your last “good” film in 1991 and expect to build a new fan base along the way.

On a side note, I saw that Vudu offered a “Director’s Cut” of Terminator: Salvation. Look, the guy who directed Terminator: Salvation was McG. Shouldn’t you actually have to be a director to get a director’s cut?!

As to the other three films, Harriet performed well with $11.7 million, Motherless Brooklyn was abandoned with $3.5 million, and Arctic Dogs never got out of the kennel with $2.9 million.

The Top Five If Today Was MLK Day:
#1. Terminator: Dark Fate - $29 million
#2. Harriet - $11.7 million
#3. Motherless Brooklyn - $3.5 million
#4. Arctic Dogs - $2.9 million
#5. n/a


Extra Bonus Section

As per the Week 1 tradition, here were my esteemed, extremely well thought-out and perpetually doomed to fail 2019 Holiday Movie Pool prognostications.

Yes, like most of you, it was hard to come up with five actual films. Three films? No sweat. Everything else seemed destined to fall in that $80-$120 million tops category with not enough wiggle room to determine who would come out atop that pile.

#1. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Even The Last Jedi backlash couldn’t scare me away. Oh yeah, like those whiny fanboys aren’t going to come storming back for the potential last episode in a Star Wars trilogy. I’m betting on a “it’s the last one surge” and called it a $635 million gross by MLK Day, about $40 million more than Last Jedi. This could all fall to crap though, if the world just stops going to movies and spends every waking moment at home watching Disney +. What have you done to us, Mickey?!

#2. Frozen II - I’m super nervous about this one. Seriously, what if the songs suck? What if the story’s a mess? There’s already huge Frozen fatigue in play! Still, I just assumed this will do exactly what it needs to do to be another smash film and that’ll be good enough for second place.

#3. Jumanji: The Next Level - It’s mind-blowing that the last Jumanji film reached a $400 million gross. Looking closer though, it wasn’t near that total at MLK Day. Weak movie releases in January/February helped it to keep getting and returning ticket-buyers. Ultimately, this led me to think it’ll perform under Frozen II.

#4. Cats - I blame James Bond for this. Originally, No Time To Die was supposed to be a November 2019 release and it’d be a lock as my #4 and then I’d comfortably place Cats as my #5 and be done. But no… Stupid director had to want to rewrite the script and get fired, delaying the film to April 2020. As for this film, I know nothing about it other than it’s based on a musical that was super popular for a long time, even if I’ve never met anyone who ever talks about it amongst their favorite musicals. If you’re going to take your mom or grandma to a movie this season, this seems to be the one.

#5. Terminator: Dark Fate - Yes, it already looks like my #5 pick has been targeted for termination. I was going with brand recognition and thought that would give it an edge over Doctor Sleep, Ford v. Ferrari, and Spies in Disguise. Maybe it still will, but having to watch this film try to stay in the Top Five with such a low final gross will be my Dark Fate.

Good luck, everyone!

by Matt Neuenburg on 11/07/2019

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