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The Blind Moon Sides New Movies Away - Week 5

The Twilight Saga: New Moon
The Blind Side
Disney's A Christmas Carol
Planet 51
For the third weekend in a row America had the same top two movies in the land, even if those two movies switched places.

The Blind Side continued to shine adding another $20 million to the huddle. After scoring $128.9 million in 17 days, I'm sure a sequel is already in the works where Sandra Bullock adopts a left tackle that's actually blind. Now that's something I'd like to see… uh, no pun intended.

The New Moon rose with $15.5 million for a waning gibbous total of $255.4 million. Sadly, I don't think any of this werewolf mania is going to rub off onto February's The Wolfman movie with Benicio Del Toro. That movie has about as much chance of making $250 million as Transylmania (which actually just opened this weekend and averaged three ticket buyers per screening… oops!)

Brothers did the best of the new films this weekend but if "best" is $9.5 million than the question better have been "What's the best a professional darts thrower could make if he played for 243 consecutive years?"

Armored was held up before it could even get out and stole $6.5 million.

Everybody's Fine now that this mess has finally opened to a measly $3.8 million and we can all relax as it just goes away forever.

To sum up the previous weekends duds, Old Dogs and Ninja Assassin both dipped 60% in their second weekend and might still have a chance at a Blu-Ray release the Tuesday after Christmas in time for all those shoppers returning the 18 copies of Up and Transformers they got as gifts over the season.

The Top Five If Today Was Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Observance:

#1. New Moon - $255.4 million
#2. 2012 - $149 million
#3. The Blind Side - $128.9 million
#4. A Christmas Carol - $115.2 million
#5. Planet 51 - $34.1 million

This Week
Disney is investing a lot into bringing back the 2D, non-CGI Animation world with The Princess & The Frog. Sadly, they are not bringing back the Peabo Bryson duets, which is sort of like bringing sexy back without Justin Timberlake. Of course, the movie doesn't have to make as much as Shrek 2 to sell 3 billion t-shirts, backpacks, and lunch boxes. Still, it does have to do "something" in order to sell 3 billion of anything.

Invictus is the other major film this season trying to sell Americans on another the feel good, sports story only this one doesn't involve football. Hmm, that's probably going to go well, right? Well, while there's a fantastic 3 ½ hour 2001 Bollywood film called Laagan that's basically The Longest Yard of cricket, I would say .000035% of Americans would actually want to see it. I think I'll go see this one just so Eastwood will follow it up with a curling movie. It can be just like Mystic River, but set in the north Mid-West and like, um, happy.

by Matt Neuenburg on 12/07/2009

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