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The Blind Side Blindsides Thanksgiving Weekend - Week 4

The Twilight Saga: New Moon
The Blind Side
Disney's A Christmas Carol
Old Dogs
Planet 51
Ninja Assassin
The Men Who Stare at Goats
In 2001 Nicole Kidman came out of nowhere to have two hit movies in the same year with Moulin Rouge and The Others. In 2009 Sandra Bullock is pulling of the same feat.

The Blind Side has immediately become the holiday smash no one expected passing the $100 million mark in only 10 days and it might prove to do even better as the weeks go on since being the "de facto" film adults and families can enjoy is a good title to have this time of year. The film even made $6 million more in its second weekend then its first weekend!

Now, I'm going to leave out the part that Nicole Kidman hasn't even had what you'd call a hit film since 2001 (maybe you could argue The Interrupter was a modest hit and The Golden Compass did really well internationally) but for as much as she's been seen as one of the go-to actresses of this decade, she hasn't put people in seats. Hopefully, the same fate will pass over Sandra and her perkiness can continue to percolate for years to come.

On the other side of the New Moon was a huge 70% decline from its opening weekend, yet when you make $230.9 million over 10 days no one really minds. I have to admit, though, it's taken me until now to actually connect that the title of the movie is New Moon and yet this is supposed to be the story where the werewolves come out. Uh, aren't werewolves only out during full moons? A new moon would actually be the exact opposite time when you'd be having werewolves running about! I guess since all the vampires were with Katrina and the Waves walking on sunshine in Twilight, I shouldn't expect Stephanie Meyer to know anything about werewolves either.

With viewers stuffing themselves on angst and football, there was no room for the new movies. Old Dogs debuted with a meek $24.2 million over five days and ditto for Ninja Assassin's $21.2. However, if you'd put those films together into Old Ninja Dog Assassins, then the $45.3 million sounds pretty good.

Truth be told, I forgot to put Fantastic Mr. Fox on the initial Holiday Movie Preview List email. It gets confusing assembling that list when some films open first in limited release before bowing wide, and I just missed that it was set to go national on Thanksgiving Weekend. Someone pointed that out to me when they were sending in their picks, and I was going to feel really bad if somehow this became a hit movie. Then came all the "4-star review" ads and I was almost getting a little nervous, even though I knew this was a quirky project from a quirky director. Sure enough, my faith in America ignoring critically acclaimed films won out as Fantastic Mr. Fox stuck his head in a hole with only $7 million. I knew I had nothing to fear from the man who made The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and the only eight people who saw it and raved about it.

The Top Five If Today Was Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Observance:

#1. New Moon - $230.9 million
#2. 2012 - $138.4 million
#3. A Christmas Carol - $104.9 million
#4. The Blind Side - $100.2 million
#5. The Men Who Stare at Goats - $30.5 million

This Week
Hollywood often ignores this weekend altogether when plotting out their Holiday releases. Whether it's their fear that people are out shopping or that the Thanksgiving releases will be too potent to compete with so soon, audiences are often treated with less than Main Event selections. This of course leads to a decreased income for the weekend which perpetuates the cycle reminding studios not to book A-List movies on this week. Suffice to say, after looking at the choices, I'll be shocked if The Blind Side isn't the #1 movie for the weekend three weeks after it was released.

Armored supplies an all-star B-level male cast in a B-level plot about and armored car heist. If I didn't bother to see Set It Off 10 years ago with it's all-star B-level female cast, I don't think most will be drawn to this one.

Brothers has the plot that smells like an intense, family drama. The commercials make it look like some sort of horror movie, thriller. Either way, it looks like if your going in for either you'll probably be disappointed.

Everybody's Fine except for the makers of this movie. While Robert DeNiro co-starring with Eddie Murphy in Showtime will clearly rank as his most embarrassing move of the decade, there's still room for this one to make the Top Three.

by Matt Neuenburg on 11/30/2009

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