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The Day The Earth Went Huh - Week 6

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
Quantum of Solace
Four Christmases
The Day the Earth Stood Still
20th Century Fox had an uncontested weekend to open its big movie for the holiday season and The Day The Earth Stood Still delivered less than galactic numbers. Apparently, watching the world get destroyed wasn't on most moviegoers' holiday shopping lists. I don't know why because it goes great with a glass of spiked eggnog.

Still, any opening of $30.5 million is far from disastrous. The studio will still find a way to make their money. For poolers who selected this movie in their Top 5, though, they realize opening with less than half of Madagascar 2, Quantum of Solace, and Twilight does not bode well for their chances. And if you really want to make them cry, tell them The Day made $5 million less than that atrocious 10,000 BC movie.

Meanwhile, Nothing Like The Holidays was nothing like a hit collecting a mere $3.5 million in its first weekend. Ouch, even the JTT classic (That's Home Improvement's Jonathan Taylor Thomas for those weren't Tiger Beating it in the 90's) I'll Be Home For Christmas opened with $3.9 million ten years ago. As Beck would sing, "Soy un perdedor."

Four Christmases continued to be the holiday film that keeps delivering. Slipping only 22% in its third weekend, it'll move past Bolt by next weekend. Can Four Christmases hold on against the onslaught of films that are about to climb down the chimney? Time will tell.

Still, Vince Vaughn has to feel pretty good that his face is all over the Four Christmases poster and his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Aniston can't even get a name credit on her Marley & Me posters. Seriously, how is it that every magazine at the supermarket wants Aniston's mug on their cover, but the movie company paying her millions would rather push their whole movie as if it's Beethoven's Fifth?

The Top Five If Today Was Martin Luther King Jr. Observance Day:

#1. Madagascar 2 - $169.9 million
#3. Quantum of Solace - $157.6 million
#3. Twilight - $150 million
#4. Bolt - $88.8 million
#5. Four Christmases - $87.8 million

This Week
The heavyweight battles begin as Jim Carrey takes on Will Smith. It's very, very rare to see two $20 million type guys spar in something like this. Since neither studio wants to lose on their investment, typically, someone blinks. At least these appear to be two different movies thematically, as opposed to when Love Guru and Get Smart were both going after the comedy crowd last June.

I still have no idea what Seven Pounds is about other than it stars Will Smith. In a way, I find that refreshing. On the other hand, no way I'm paying my money for it until I hear positive feedback about it.

Yes Man seems to be in that same vein as Liar Liar. While Fun with Dick and Jane and A Series of Unfortunate Events both cleared $100 million, it hasn't felt like Jim Carrey's had a big hit since Bruce Almighty five years ago. Will Yes Man change that feeling or be more of the Dick and Jane same?

As the appetizer, dessert tray, or the peanuts that are left on your table to munch on category comes the The Tale of Despereaux. As the third animated film of the season and without the marketing hype of Madagascar and Bolt, this Tale may not be a long one. Word of mouth and strong reviews are going to be the only thing that can help this film even make it until Bedtime Stories comes calling for the family crowds next week.

by Matt Neuenburg on 12/15/2008

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