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The Night At The Museum Cashes In All Day Long - Week 8 and On...

Night at the Museum
Happy Feet
Casino Royale
The Pursuit of Happyness
Charlotte's Web
Rocky Balboa
The Holiday
The Good Shepherd
[Ok, we're down to the nitty-gritty in the Holiday Blockbuster Pool… One Weekend to go, positions shifting as I type, and the Megan Mullary show being cancelled before I even knew it was on. Strange things are afoot at the Circle K indeed.]

There usually is one film at the end of the season that makes bank. Sometimes surprisingly, like a Cheaper By The Dozen, sometimes not so surprisingly like a Castaway. Put me on the surprised side as Night at the Museum seemingly did everything right marketing and promotion-wise to close out the Holiday Season with a bang.

Museum opened simple enough with $30 million over Christmas weekend, yet then it went on to make even more the following New Year's weekend with $36.8 million. With the kids out of school, the flick was making money faster than Happy Feet with $115 million after ten days whereas the penguins were at $99 mill.

Slipping only 35% in its third weekend to $23.7 million, Night at the Museum is already at $163.8 million and a hop, skip and a jump away from its Antarctic competition. Does it have enough exhibits to make it to the top by the end of another three-day weekend?

Meanwhile, Will Smith was content to play tortoise to Ben Stiller's hare (and you would want to stay away from Ben Stiller's hair in Dodgeball as much as you could). The Pursuit of Happyness kept chugging along at around $15 million a week since its release and has already totaled a very Happy $124 million.

I wonder if there's a club that's only open for the "other" person in duos. Ya know, somewhere where the Jazzy Jeffs, Andrew Ridgelys, Jim Messinas and John Oates of the world can have a place to call their own instead of being reminded that their the #2 in their former superstar groups. Of course, in the case of t.A.T.u., they'd probably both be allowed in the club.

As for the other last minute movies released at the end of the year, you could sum them all up with a single word: fair. Charlotte's Web, Dreamgirls, Rocky Balboa, and Good Shepherd all fell into that $55 to $65 million range. No crying but no tears of joy either. The same could be said for earlier films such as The Holiday and Eragon.

The Top Five if Today was MLK Day…

#1. Happy Feet - $185.4 million
#2. Night at the Museum - $163.8 million
#3. Casino Royale - $159.8 million
#4. Borat - $126.5 million
#5. Pursuit of Happyness - $124 million

This Week
The top five films are secure, but their current spots could still change. Will Borat be able to hold off the Pursuit of #4? Will Mumbles tap out to the Museum pressure?

With the point totals being this low any shift could instantly push a pooler with even a mere two points today all the way up to the top tomorrow. Either this is really exciting or we all really sucked at our picks this year. I'll leave it to you to decide on which.

by Matt Neuenburg on 12/30/2006

Movies Mentioned in this Post: Borat, Casino Royale, Charlotte's Web, Dreamgirls, Eragon, Happy Feet, Night at the Museum, Rocky Balboa, The Good Shepherd, The Holiday, The Pursuit of Happyness
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