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The Princess And The Frog Croaks - Week 6

The Twilight Saga: New Moon
The Blind Side
Disney's A Christmas Carol
The Princess and the Frog
Planet 51
Well, if opening weekend results are any indication, the return to traditional animation musicals was up there with the return of Bananarama a couple years ago. Not a huge demand.

The Princess and the Frog debuted with only $24.2 million which was even $6 million less than Disney's own not quite merry Christmas Carol opening a month ago. It's even $10 million less than their own princess parody/homage Enchanted earned two years ago. Studio heads love to brag about how well their movies open not how long they can keep them in the theaters, so this can't be seen as anything but a blow to Toon Disney.

It's true that this might be the type of film that plays out for many weeks and eventually does even better than A Christmas Carol (and certainly if they can sell the merchandise it will become a cash cow), but I'm not buying any of the arguments I've read that this opening is similar to Mulan and/or that kids movies rarely open big unless it's during Christmas Break. A) Mulan opened to $22 million 11 years ago, so with today's ticket prices that total would almost be doubled. B) On this same weekend two years ago Alvin and the Chipmunks grabbed $44.7 million and that was without the promotional power of 17 Disney owned cable channels.

And, on a side note (because that's what I do… I think my whole life is a side note), Mulan is clearly one of the most underrated Disney movies of all-time. Whenever anyone says "The Best Disney Movie Since The Lion King," they're clearly forgetting just how good Mulan was. It's right up there with the early 90's greatness of Mermaid, Aladdin, and the pinnacle Beauty and the Beast and its way better than the overrated, that's right I said it, Lion King. Hakunna-Mutata that, Mustafa!

Invictus was evicted on its opening weekend with a mere $8.6 million. Apparently rugby, South Africa, and Matt Damon wearing short shorts were not on most American's wish lists this holiday season. Put it this way, in its fourth week The Blind Side made twice as much as Invictus made in its first week. While it might crawl to a less embarrassing total, the odds of this film making the Top Five got stuck in the scrum.

In other news, the pretenders keep falling further away while New Moon and Blind Side appear to be locks for the Top Five.

The Top Five If Today Was Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Observance:

#1. New Moon - $267.3 million
#2. 2012 - $155.3 million
#3. The Blind Side - $149.8 million
#4. A Christmas Carol - $124.4 million
#5. Planet 51 - $37.1 million

This Week
Well, it all comes to this. If any movie has a shot at catching New Moon this season, Avatar is it. Since I'm one of those ones who put Avatar as his #1, I'm really hoping there's some huge male backlash against New Moon and they go see this film 18 times just to make sure it tops New Moon at the box-office. Guys have fragile egos and to have a vampire-esque chick flick make more than one of their fan-boy favorites will have them whining in message boards posts for years to come. I want to stop this from happening, because nothing's more pathetic than fan-boys whining in message boards about how some DVD's extras weren't "extra" enough, so if you see me buying 100 tickets myself to Avatar, I'm just doing it for the kids. I'm not doing it for myself and to try and win this pool. It's purely philanthropic!

To counter-program the 3D, blue-skinned epic that is Avatar comes Did You Hear About The Morgans? Perhaps the greatest and most unintentionally hilariously titled movies in a long time as the reality is most people really haven't heard about the Morgans and they probably never will. A romantic comedy with Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant placed in the dead of winter against arguably the most expensive movie ever made with a plot straight from the 80's back when SJP was still on the short-lived CBS Valley Girl show Square Pegs. Let's give it the Magic 8 Ball answer of "Better Not Tell You Now."

by Matt Neuenburg on 12/14/2009

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