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The Purge Cleanses The Internship - Week 6

Iron Man 3
Fast & Furious 6
Star Trek Into Darkness
The Great Gatsby
Now You See Me
The Hangover Part III
The Purge
After Earth
The Internship
Sometimes I get surprised, sometimes I get shocked, and sometimes it happens all at the same time. Like when Kate Winslet ended-up topless in Titanic. Everyone kept telling me, "Why are you going to see that movie? You know what's going to happen." I guaran-damn-tee you, no one knew that was going to happen!

While perhaps not as pleasant a surprise and shock as said Titanic scene, The Purge cleaning out $36.4 million in its first weekend certainly fits the description. Here was a film made for $3 million that just twelve-tuppled its investment in three days! There likely won't be another movie this summer that'll have that type of success and if nothing else, it reminds us all that you probably don't need that much money to rent Ethan Hawke for any occasion. Bar mitzvahs, weddings, slumber parties, he's in!

More importantly, how did The Purge pull this off? Summer is notoriously a scary place for horror films. Bigger budgeted attempts have tried and failed: Splice, Hostel 2, House of Wax, and Cats vs Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. The Purge apparently tapped into what everyone wants in a summer horror film... masks!

2008's The Strangers is probably a great companion piece to The Purge. It also played on the home invasion/you are not alone premise to a successful $52.6 million total. Ten years earlier, Halloween H20: 20 Years Later pulled off a similar feat with $55 million in thrills. The connection? Masks! All featured killers in masks. So, if you see a horror movie green-lit tomorrow about a deranged lucha wrestler with a 2014 summer release date, now you know why.

The Purge didn't just clean out its closet this weekend, it wiped away the supposedly anticipated Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughn reunion, The Internship. The boys should've grabbed Jennifer Aniston to join them since she was a key factor in both of their main hits outside of Wedding Crashers (and that has to be the first time I ever suggested that as a solution for improving a film's chances). The movie opened to $18.1 million which is higher than last summer's comedic bomb The Watch, yet only about half of what Wedding Crashers brought to the reception eight years ago. I guess this wasn’t a paid Internship.

Now You See Me won’t disappear after slipping a mere 33% in its second weekend and flipping-over another $19.5 million. This trick of counter-programming has worked magically as the choice for filmgoers who want to see something other than car thieves, bachelor parties, or anyone from the Smith family. If Carrot Top and The Unknown Comic can still find gigs in Vegas, then the ten-day $61.4 million total should keep Now You See Me playing for a long time to come.

Fast & Furious 6 slowed its timing belt and fell 44% this weekend amassing $19.8 million. Most knew the 6th in the series would do well, yet it’s the holding power of this sixth film that’s confounding many. Sequels generally open big and fade fast (or furious). Fast 6 is bucking the trend and has already hit warp drive as it’s moved past Star Trek Into Darkness on the Leaderboard with $203 million. As someone who didn’t put F&F6 in their Top Five, beam me outta here!

There’s no truth to the rumor that they’re already preparing a prequel to After Earth called Before Flop, but it feels true. The sci-fi snoozer dropped 59% and has reset its course for wherever it is that films like Battleship, John Carter, and Jack The Giant Slayer go. Maybe Will Smith can get his good friend DJ Jazzy Jeff to remix the movie with a house beat. That should help it in the DVD market.

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:
#1. Iron Man 3 - $394.3 million
#2. Fast & Furious 6 - $203 million
#3. Star Trek Into Darkness - $200.1 million
#4. The Great Gatsby - $136.1 million
#5. The Hangover Part III - $102.4 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 06/10/2013

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