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The Toys Are Back In Town While Jonah Is Swallowed By A Hex - Week 7

Toy Story 3
Iron Man 2
Shrek Forever After
Robin Hood
In a summer of up and downs it makes total sense that we finally had a weekend where one film was really, really up and another was really, really down. In other words, one was Lady Gaga's debut album… the other was Paris Hilton's.

While it might take another 20 years before Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are finally "seen" on screen together when they reboot the Grumpy Old Men franchise, they've been nothing short of magical when they let their voices do the talking. Toy Story 3 had the biggest opening ever for a Pixar film with $110.3 million, besting The Incredibles $70.5 in 2004.

As impressive as the $110.5 million debut is, it's still only good enough as the second highest debut for an animated film behind Shrek The Third's $121.6 million three years ago. More people were excited about a third Shrek movie than a third Toy Story movie? Based on merchandising alone that seems surprising, but the facts are the facts… which just begs the question: If Toy Story 3 can't set the highest weekend for an animated film ever, what can? I'll just say this, my money's not on Pooh's Heffalump Movie 2.

You know you did something right when you become the new nickname for something going very wrong. I thought I was only kidding last week when I said producers would be glad to say at least they weren't Jonah Hex, but that's exactly what Splice producers ended up saying! It must be noted, though, that both Splice and Jonah Hex were released by Warner Bros., so the actual movie studio was not so ecstatic. They shouldn't be worried, though… I'm sure Cats & Dogs 2 will turn their summer around in no time.

Jonah Hex rounded-up $5.4 million which placed it above Punisher: War Zone's $4.3 million, so it's clearly "not" the lowest grossing, wide-release super hero movie ever. Woo hoo! It's just the second worst and no one ever remembers the second worst of anything.

I mean, who remembers how bad Jason X was when folks still can't get over Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Goes to Manhattan which really should've been subtitled Jason Goes On A Cruise Ship and Docks In Manhattan for Two Minutes? Why digress about how terrible Nightmare on Elm Street 2 was when clearly Nightmare on Elm Street 5 should've been thrown in the furnace with Freddy Kruger? Who would bother discussing Who's That Girl? when you have Madonna's version of Basic Instinct, Body of Evidence, that can spawn conversations from now until eternity? Of course, there is her Shanghai Surprise and Swept Away that merit consideration for her worst movies, yet that seems like some sort of Dante's level of hell I never want to visit.

As for last week's films, both The Karate Kid and The A-Team dropped around a reasonable 45%. That's the good news for The A-Team. The bad news is it's now about $60 million behind what The Karate Kid has made and I don't think anyone's going to hire them again to try and get that money back. The worse news is that I fear Will Smith is going to talk his son into doing the theme song for the next Karate Kid movie. If it's anything like the craptacular Will Smith song from Men in Black 2, I hope Jaden's surrounding himself with the right people who know when to say no to his tyrannical stage dad.

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:

#1. Iron Man 2 - $304.2 million
#2. Shrek 4 - $223.1 million
#3. Toy Story 3 - $110.5 million
#4. Karate Kid - $107.1 million
#5. Robin Hood - $102.1 million

This Week
I feel like it's déjà vu all over again! Just two weeks ago it was Attack of the 50-Foot '80s. Now we have another movie, though it doesn't have any direct ties to the decade, that feels exactly like what an 80's action-romance-comedy would be! Throw in two big stars (like Michael Douglas & Kathleen Turner), throw in a bunch of action, throw in some silly situational comedy, throw in a different location about every 15 minutes, and boom, you've got yourself a hit! Well, unless you try the same formula in the 90's with Harrison Ford and Anne Heche and call it Six Days Seven Nights. Then it'll never work.

Well, Knight & Day knows it's a whole new century, so they're looking to the past to make a hit in the future. While there are questions about "backlash" that still come up with Tom Cruise and his sofa-jumping escapades, has he really done anything that's so terrible compared to a lot of other Hollywood celebrities? Sure, I wouldn't have done it over a discussion about psychological drugs, but who hasn't wanted tell Matt Lauer to "shut it" during one of his smug "I'm so much better and smarter than you since I've been up since 2 am" interviews. Regardless, this is Tom's first starring "comedic" type role since Risky Business, so this is kind of a "risky" move for him… and these days all eyes are watching to see if he's still "got it" at the box-office.

In the "not so" risky range is a movie starring five comedians who refuse to grow-up and act like real adults. As I've said before, this must've been the worst basketball team ever assembled, but Grown-Ups seems to be trying to offer a more family-friendly version of the typical Adam Sandler summer comedy. With his last three summer flicks delivering less than expected numbers (I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Don't Mess With The Zohan, and Funny People), Mr. Sandler could use some grown-up success. Will he find it with an ensemble-cast comedy in a plot that's about as original as a Hallmark movie? I'm not sure if even the audience is grown-up enough to want to see Grown-Ups.

by Matt Neuenburg on 06/21/2010

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