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Thor Rules While Daddy and Murder Enjoy Scraps - Week 2

Thor: Ragnarok
Murder on the Orient Express
Daddy’s Home 2
A Bad Moms Christmas
Two new puppies tried to nip at the heels of The Mighty Thor this weekend, yet none were worthy at raising his hammer. Instead, Thor: Ragnarok raised another $57.1 million for a 10-day total of $212.1 million. I’d say by Odin’s beard, but it probably had more to do with Hulk’s cleanly shaven face. It makes you wonder how a guy who’s always so angry finds the time to shave.

What was also impressive about this feat is how Ragnarok only dropped 53% from its previous weekend. Something in the higher 50s or 60s is more common for these superhero sequels, where folks who are interested rush-out to see it first on opening weekend. For example, Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming dropped 60% and 62% respectively (and no one ever wants to mention Batman vs. Superman’s 69% drop because there’s nothing respectful about that). This could bode well for Thor playing well throughout November.

Daddy’s Home 2 debuted with $29.7 million which was almost $10 million less than Daddy’s Home started in 2015. That’s not a good sign for those hoping it would reach the same heights as its predecessor. Maybe the producers knew this all along. How else to explain casting 20th Century relics John Lithgow and Mel Gibson in a 21st Century World unless they knew parents didn’t want to take their kids to this again, but maybe they can convince their grandparents! Unfortunately, if they were aiming for the older audience, that group already had a ticket for a different train.

Murder on the Orient Express rode-off with $28.7 million, almost equal to Daddy’s Home 2, yet probably few of those tickets sold were at the child price. This was a nice start for a remake of a 40 year-old film and almost 80 year-old book. In a world of superheroes, star wars, and crass comedies, Murder certainly found an audience for those who wanted something a little bit different.. And then they made it a lot different with that stupid moustache!

If nothing else though, they cast the movie with people my kids know. As the movie progress they’re all... Hey, that’s the Green Goblin! Hey, that’s Olaf! Hey, that’s M from the James Bond movies! Hey, it’s Aaron Burr from Hamilton! Hey, that’s Rey from Star Wars. When I tried to add my two cents and say the actress that played Mrs. Hubbard played Catwoman in the old Batman films, my oldest looked at me funny and said: “That was Halle Berry?!” Ugh, like a dagger to my heart...

A Bad Mom’s Christmas wasn’t ready to take down the stockings yet at it only fell 31% and has made a cozy $40 million after 10-days in the theaters. It may not be a box-office explosion, though it’s performing like a comfortable Hallmark-esque holiday film even if it had zero aspirations to be anything like a Hallmark-esque holiday film.

[FYI, for those new to the pool, a film normally drops about 40% from weekend to weekend. So, when a film drops by less than that (usually due to positive word-of-mouth), it's seen as a good thing and if a film drops by more (usually due to negative word-of-mouth), it's seen as not so good. The caveat for "blockbuster" films is that they tend to frontload and get so many people in the first weekend that they naturally have larger drop-offs. With this is mind, a 50% fall would still be grand, but anything more is often a sign that the film will be showing On Demand sooner than you might think.]

The Top Five If Today Was MLK Day:
#1. Thor: Ragnarok - $122.4 million
#2. A Bad Mom’s Christmas - $39.8 million
#3. Daddy’s Home 2 - $29.1 million
#4. Murder on the Orient Express - $28.7 million
#5. LBJ - $2.1 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 11/17/2017

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