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Tom Cruises To Mission Success - Week 14

Jurassic World
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Inside Out
Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation
Pitch Perfect 2

You'd have thought Tom Cruise was lost on Oceanic Flight 815 for ten years the way the media fawned over him in the past week. The guy who's made over 30 films in the past 30 years was gone somewhere? He was already celebrated last year in the backwards compliment film of the year, Edge of Tomorrow, with the classic "It's not as bad as I thought it would be." You remember, the movie they basically renamed Live, Die, Repeat as Edge of Tomorrow was such a generic title. In a sense, "It's not as bad as I thought it would be" might be what's carried Cruise for years. Perhaps after all this time people were ready for the not so subtle shift to "Hey, that's was actually good."

Riding all of that comeback kid momentum, Mission: Impossible - Rouge Nation infiltrated $55.5 million in its first weekend. This was Cruise's best opening since 2005's War of the Worlds ($64.9 million) and just a little behind what Mission: Impossible II opened with in 2000 ($57.8 million). Certainly, doing many of his own stunts helped up the Cruise love and interest in the film this week. If only Arnie would've gone the other way and had someone else act-out his scenes in Terminator: Genisys, that might have helped out there too.

The Mission: Impossible revitalization is pretty remarkable. This seemed to be an "In Case of Emergency, Break Glass" franchise for Cruise. The surprising success of Ghost Protocol changed all of that. A series on the downward trajectory bumped way back up. Instead of having all Tom all the time, they added the comedic relief of Simon Pegg and the badass babe component (that's now been played to perfection by Paula Patton and Rebecca Ferguson) to the always solid big stunt scenes and now it looks like they could do another five of these films. Cruise has already been playing Ethan Hunt longer than any actor every played James Bond and Sean Connery was still kicking butt in action films in his 60's. Never forget, sometimes people just want to be entertained.

Still, despite all the buzz, it should be noted that as "huge" as Paramount's touting this opening, it's less than what Ant-Man earned and Disney felt they needed to almost apologize for that debut. Sometimes expectations determine perceptions.

Meanwhile, it was no vacation for Warner Bros. revamped Vacation. Though a $14.7 million opening makes it the largest debut ever for a Vacation film, all those other openings were in the 20th century when it cost 75 cents to go to the movies... or at least it felt that way. Studio suits hoped this could be the late July hit ala Horrible Bosses and We're The Millers. Instead it was the late July flop ala last year's Sex Tape. Which I guess was a lot like every other year's sex tape. You know, if you've seen one you've... uh, you know, at least that's what I've heard. No firsthand knowledge here... moving on.

In other news, Pixels got even further pixilated with a 56% drop, Trainwreck kept climbing toward a final $100 million gross, Ant-Man looks like it'll finish with around $160 million, and the Minions have officially lost enough steam that passing Inside Out is truly a Mission: Impossible. The question is... Can anything catch Pitch Perfect 2 in our #5 slot?

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:
#1. Jurassic World - $631.5 million
#2. Avengers: Age of Ultron - $456.9 million
#3. Inside Out - $329.6 million
#4. Minions - $287.6 million
#5. Pitch Perfect 2 - $183.8 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 08/05/2015

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