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‘Toy Story’ Shows Dolls Are ‘Child’s Play’ - Weeks 9 & 10

Annabelle Comes Home
Avengers: Endgame
Child's Play
Detective Pikachu
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum
Toy Story 4

There was a great meme going around last week about how the 90’s want their movies back. Theater marquees were advertising Men in Black, Aladdin, Child’s Play, and Toy Story. Unfortunately, that statement in only half true. They definitely want their Whole New World and their Snake in my Boot. However, we’ve already had our memory erased about Men In Black: International and folks have sent Chucky back to the store.

Toy Story 4 roped folks back in for another go-round with a $120.9 million opening. Certainly, the biggest debut we’ve had this summer since Avengers: Endgame, and yet there still seemed to be a little “wow” missing from the start. This was $60 million less than Incredibles 2’s incredible start last summer and even $15 million less than Finding Dory in 2016. While this still had “smash hit” written all over it, I’m sure Disney was thinking “Someone’s poisoned the water hole.”

In its second weekend, though, Toy Story 4 only dropped 50% and is already at $238.7 million after ten days. A great sign that this film will be causing leaky eyes for grown-ups all summer long. Better yet, Disney can now capitalize on the notion that kids can create their own toys with just a spork and a pipe cleaner by selling a spork with a pipe cleaner for $29.99 at a Target near you. You’re welcome, America!

Child’s Play didn’t exactly cut-it with a meager $14.1 million debut. Maybe folks couldn’t buy kids talking to a Teddy Ruxpin toy in 2019 when they’ve got 2,000 bot apps that can talk to them on their phones… or, more likely, that kids would even talk to ANYONE. My kids want me to text them when it’s time for dinner! Perhaps this’ll be the reboot that gets us to another reboot or is this the final boot anyone should give to this series… nah!

Not faring much better the following week was Annabelle Comes Home with a $20.3 million weekend and five-day $31 million total. That five-day total is less than either $35 million-plus opening weekend for the other two Annabelle films. After a flood of Conjuring Universe movies with The Nun, The Curse of La Llorona, and now this in the past 10 months, you’d think there might be some oversaturation in the market… but when you make films for $10 million and they all make somewhere between $50-$100 million (and that’s even before the home streaming and secondary markets), these films makes a heck of a lot more sense than Warner Bros. spending $175 million to make a King Arthur movie a couple years ago.

Yesterday didn’t recreate The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show type mania, yet it probably earned more than a 50th Anniversary Yellow Submarine screening. It’s $17 million debut fit its modest budget and could finish around $50 million when all is said and done on The Long and Winding Road. The film does pose a fascinating premise though… if we could globally erase some band or artist from our memory, who would we want to jettison? For some it doesn’t even make sense. Like, if I say Limp Bizkit, hasn’t history already erased them?

This week… Comic Book movies return!!! Phew, that was a long nine weeks. I don’t know how we survived that long without a Comic Book movie. Wait, Dark Phoenix was just last month? Yeah, that doesn’t count. I think someone Yesterday’d that film out of existence.

So, Fourth of July weekend starts early with Spider-Man: Far From Home bringing out the fireworks with our last Marvel film of the year. We’ve got jokes? Check. Ending credit scenes? Check. People ready for a good time? Check. Have some Impossible Hot Dogs, iced La Croix, and celebrate our Independence Day the way our forefathers intended… no, not with syphilis and wigs! By going to a movie. It’s as American as apple pie and the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest.

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:
#1. Avengers: Endgame - $841.9 million
#2. Aladdin - $306.6 million
#3. Toy Story 4 - $238.7 million
#4. John Wick - Chapter 3: Parabellum - $161.4 million
#5. Detective Pikachu - $142.6 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 07/03/2019

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