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'Transformers' Deforms, 'Tammy' Tucked, and No Earth for 'Echo' - Week 10

Transformers: Age of Extinction
X-Men: Days of Future Past
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Earth to Echo
In a summer where a white Australian girl rules the hip-hop universe, it only makes sense that these summer movies have been "less than meets the eye." 4th of July weekend used to be major box-office muscle. This summer it meant, "Can we hear that song where scientists merged Gwen Stefani with Ke$ha one... more... time..." Theaters remained sparse as newer films attracted small crowds and last week's favorite turned out to be a Go-Bot. After last year's Lone Ranger fiasco, Hollywood better figure out this weekend in 2015 or this sacred weekend of movie money-making will only be a thing of American folklore: like the Pony Express, Betsy Ross, and bands that don't sound like Maroon 5.

Transformers: Age of Extinction got stuck in the La Brea Tar Pits and dropped 63% on a holiday weekend... On a Holiday Weekend!!! Those are the weekends when films hardly drop at all or sustain very well because there's more people flooding into the marketplace and no one wants to pay for their own air conditioning. Yes, $175 million in 10 days sounds nice, yet this is sinking fast and fast is something these bloated movies never do. Wasn't Marky Mark supposed to be an upgrade over Shia LaWho? Isn't this the film so great Michael Bay just had to direct it himself? And how are we supposed to get to the Insecticons if the movie where they introduce the Dinobots flails?!

Obviously, the answer for this series was staring them in the face and they just didn't see it. As pointed out last week, Will Smith was old school 4th of July and Transformers was Millennial. What they needed is what the Fresh Prince declared it would be in 1999, the Willennium! Couldn't they have cast Jaden's dad in the Mark Wahlberg role? Heck, they could've had the whole Smith clan in there. The perfect combination of fireworks! The Will Smith factor and the Transformers franchise were meant to be together and instead they zagged when they should've zig-a-zig-ahhed. If they'd done a theme song as the kitchen sink, we'd even have a music video with father and son pop-locking with Bumblebee while Willow does the rap solo! I either just had my mind blown or threw-up in my mouth... or both.

Speaking of things people didn't care to see much, enter Tammy and her $21.6 million weekend and $33 million five-day total. Granted, the film only cost $20 million to make and there are few actresses (like two) who could open this well on merely the strength of their presence in a film... any film, but this looks nothing like Melissa McCarthy's glory year of 2013 where Identify Theft and The Heat cemented her "OK, she's actually a big deal now" status. Remember, Bridesmaids was supposed to launch Kristen Wiig's box-office career and she's been more invisible than Sue Storm since. Hopefully, this is only MM's Little Nicky misstep and she can get to doing whatever it is she does that apparently people like.

Earth to Echo may start with the same letter as E.T., though that's about where the similarities end. After an $8.4 million weekend and $13 million five-day total, this is not going to ever be a ride that's eventually discontinued at Universal Studios. If they'd had a theme-song by Neil Diamond, maybe things would've been different. "Turn on your heart light!"

In the "little films I didn't even know were coming out when I did the preview two months ago" category, Deliver Us From Evil did deliver $15 million in five days. While not much for note in and of itself, it does point to the horror crowd finding films even when they're not a lot of mainstream press behind it. That should bode well for The Purge sequel in a couple weeks as that's one everyone will know is coming.

As to the Top Five, Transformers had enough to finally bump Neighbors out of the neighborhood. While positions could change, might this be our final five films or will Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Guardians of the Galaxy, and, more importantly, Step Up: All In have something to say about it?

The Top Five If Today Was Labor Day:
#1. X-Men: Days of Future Past - $227.1 million
#2. Maleficent - $213.9 million
#3. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - $200.9 million
#4. Godzilla - $197.9 million
#5. Transformers: Age of Extinction - $175.4 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 07/08/2014

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