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Warrior Loses His Way; Tangled Avoids Hair Detanglers - Week 5

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I
Due Date
Love and Other Drugs

From the weekend that's given us everything from Daylight to the Psycho remake comes The Warriors Way. Yes, maybe there's a reason this weekend is often seen as a lost cause for Hollywood, but the weekend after Memorial Day used to be the same way as well until a little film like Finding Nemo opened to $70 million and then they realized "If they market it, they will come."

In the case of The Warrior's Way, they didn't market it and, surprise surprise, no one came. With the fatal blow of a $3.1 million, The Warrior's Way does not seem to be on the path of recouping its $42 million budget. Expect Kate Bosworth to be setting her sights on an NBC pilot show any day now.

Tangled may have got hung-up more than expected with a 55% drop from an inflated holiday weekend, yet the Disney toon was still singing a sweet melody with $96.6 million in 12 days. It looks like Mandy Moore will soon be joining the Steve Carrell and Tiny Fey club of "Our Animated Voices Sell Better Than Our Real Faces" club. Though not as much of a name, Zachary Levi doesn't have that problem thanks the inexplicable $219.6 million made by Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakel. Ah, the Chippettes... How I'd like to get a Brillo pad inside my ear and scrape their sound out of my head.

Harry Potter dipped a big 65% as they are apparently using Ron Weasley's busted hand-me-down wand now. There's still a chance this movie makes it to the $300 million land, yet the Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve from Narnia could prompt another 60% drop next week. HP still gets some credit for consistency, yet it seems clear that being the end (or almost the end) hasn't given the series any added viewers.

Burlesque, Unstoppable, and Love and Other Drugs all held fairly well making between $5.6 - $6.1 million and dropping around 45%. Fairly well meaning they all made more than Warrior's Way, however, if you think any of these films have a chance of making the Top Five, you can get in line with all those folks who put Skyline on their list.

Faster moves faster to a DVD release date with every passing day. The Rock has been sinking like a stone in his latest offering. Good thing he still has the Easter Bunny and Cupid characters he can play to fill-out his Tooth Fairy trilogy.

Meanwhile, MegaMind looks to be dumbing down and coming to an end after another 60% drop. Though not a "flop," it is the lowest money-making DreamWorks film since the already forgotten about Bee Story. With DreamWorks already planning hundreds of sequels for Kung-Fu Panda, Madagascar, and How To Train Your Dragon, looks like they'll be no room for Will Farrell's Blue Man Group on that boat.

The Top Five If Today Was MLK Day:
#1. Harry Potter 7: Part 1 - $244.5 million
#2. MegaMind - $136.1 million
#3. Tangled - $96.6 million
#4. Due Date - $90.9 million
#5. Unstoppable - $68.8 million

This Week
The other night I chose my beer by rolling with the one that had the longest name (some Belgian dark ale that was at least seven words long). If there are people who choose their movies using the same method, are they ever in luck with The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It's been awhile since we've had a title reaching double digits in the word count category.

This might be the last chance for the Narnia series. Once Disney passed on the third film after their lukewarm results with Prince Caspian, 20th Century Fox came along mostly because Dawn Treader was already in pre-production and they felt like they could get it out before the series had faded from memory. Though the movies have themselves kinda fallen on a mixed reception where they often fail to be as faithful to the books as purists prefer nor as unconfusing as non-readers prefer, the film is arriving at a perfect weekend to get those seeking their fantasy fix to buy a ticket. Whether it'll be enough to continue the series has yet to be determined.

Maybe I'm wrong (and it won't be the last time), but The Tourist is almost coming across as this year's Charlie Wilson's War: A film with two big stars but nothing really compelling to get people to go out and see it. This certainly seems like it'll appeal more to adults and those are the ones who have less time to see movies at this time of the year (we still haven't even gotten a Christmas Tree yet!). Still, the film follows the pattern of films that are hits for Jolie (action and adventure), so maybe this can be the extra dash of Salt audiences are looking for.

by Matt Neuenburg on 12/06/2010

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