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Will Battleship Hit Avengers or Miss? - Week 3 Preview

The Dictator
What to Expect When You're Expecting
There were a lot of great games I played as a kid. Would I Risk my Life on making a movie out of any of them? I'm not saying video games, toys, and comic books should have a Monopoly on what types of movies are made. It's an open Operation. Still, they might be very Sorry if they're expecting a big Pay Day.

That's the problem Battleship faces this weekend. Actually, it faces more than that. Not only is it based on a board game, it's based on a generic board game. It's not like there's personalities and emotions you can attach to a five-holed aircraft carrier and a two-holed patrol boat. Sure, I was always partial to the submarine, but that's kinda like being partial to a paper clip over a staple.

The only previous "board game movie" we can even locate in the archives is the 1985 cult classic Clue. We call it cult classic 'cause most people never even saw it as it made all of $14 million. It had the gimmick of having three different endings and actually expected people to pay to see all three of them... oops! Through the beauty of cable showings and VCR tapes, views got to see all three endings with any single viewing. It gathered enough interest that someone even made a stage version of the movie (and anyone able to pull off the Tim Curry bulter role without being able to yet cut and have multiple takes deserves your standing ovation). Still, a quirk 80's comedy with a who's who of 80's stars only made $14 million 27 years ago. So what's a 21st century CGI-fest with a who's-that-again cast of stars going to make?

Counter programming is part of the game in Hollywood during the summer season. With the marketing budget of Battleship trumping the other two new Week 3 releases, they're counting on something more than 13 year-old boys. People who actually care about what they're seeing.

Borat and Bruno both opened around $30 million dollars yet had different finales. Borat went on to quadruple its debut (a normal film only triples its opening) while Bruno only doubled its opening (uh, whoop, there it is?) Enter The Dictator. Unlike the other Sacha Baron Cohen films, this one has a script. I'm not going to go as far as to say a plot. Let's just stick with "script" at this point. Will fans find fiction as funny as reality or are they going to stick with Kim's Kardashian's Fairy Tale wedding for that?

We've had multi-storied all-star casts visit two holidays before (Valentine's Day and New Years Eve), but they've never been in the visitor room like they are in What To Expect While You're Expecting. Bridesmaids certainly showed there's an audience for female-flavored films in the summer time. Then again, maybe that audience is only for well-written, fresh ideas. A week before Bridesmaids opened, the rom-com Something Borrowed opened with a non-descript pulse to $13.9 million. It probably opened this low because audiences assumed the thing borrowed was this premise from 37 other rom-com movies. Unless it's Twilight movies, women aren't as apt to spend their money on stupid movies. The men flocking to Battleship this weekend should take note.

by Matt Neuenburg on 05/18/2012

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