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Will Breaking Dawn Break Down or Break Up? - Week 3 Preview

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2
It's hard to believe that it was just four years ago that the battle of Team Edward and Team Jacob first came to the silver screen. It feels as old as General Hospital's Luke & Laura. While, by all accounts, most people think either team could do better than ending up with Bella Swan, none of this has stopped people from flocking to theaters to see an outcome everyone's already known from the very beginning. Sure, the same could be said about the Lord of the Rings movies, yet anything which encourages Tolkien geeks to actually shower and get out of the house once in awhile is something that should be encouraged early and often.

As we approach the final Twilight movie, it's only fair to look back from where we came. In 2008, I felt Twilight was something that would make more than High School Musical 3 but less than Sex in the City. Despite my musical leanings that reveal playlists looking more like a 5th grade girl than a grown-man, it's still always hard for me to gauge films targeting women. Women always just seem like they've got more things to do. It's us guys who have nothing better to do with their lives that have supported the "acting" careers of Steven Segall and created the entire "direct to video" industry. We don't have Oprah Winfrey and Hillary Clinton to thank for seven Children of the Corn sequels.

Obviously, I completely miscounted Twilight's success in my initial observation. I had no idea on the appeal of the series to mothers of teens and those who believe their 17 year-old daughter really thinks of them as a sister. Kris Jenner's not the anomaly I wish she was. Twilight went straight to the top of the 2008 Holiday Movie Pool and never looked back. The following sequels were even bigger with each earning around $300 million. It didn't even matter if most of the plots could be told in about 12 syllables and people were like, "Really, we just spent two hours watching this and that's all that happened?" There was angst, pouting, and longing. Five films hardly seems like enough to fit all that in.

Now we're left with the final showcase showdown, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part Two. Have fans moved on since Part One or is it time for one last bite? Return of the King returned around $40 million more than The Two Towers. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part Two parted $90 million more than Part One. This could lead to Breaking Dawn - Part Two trampling past the $300 million mark if it becomes the celebratory end of a beloved series.

One final point to remember: it took Avatar, the highest grossing film in movie history, to prevent the Twilight films from topping the Holiday Movie Pools in each year of their release. Are those who picked something other than Breaking Dawn - Part Two as their #1 film in the pool willing to bet their selection has Avatar's potential? As someone who pegged The Hobbit as his #1 film, I'm really sorry I just typed that sentence.

Expanding from its limited release, we also have the Abraham Lincoln bio-pick cleverly called Lincoln opening this week. Perhaps this is the type of film which could play well over the entire holidays period and well into the awards season, yet I can't see a bunch of people dressing up in tall hats and fake beards to get all psyched to see Lincoln on opening night. Maybe they'd do that for a ZZ Top concert... 'Cause every girl's crazy for a sharp dressed man.

Join us on Monday to see if which way Breaking Dawn - Part Two broke and if Lincoln will be elected to a second weekend!

by Matt Neuenburg on 11/16/2012

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