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Will The Skyfall For James Bond? - Week 2 Preview

The hype surrounding the 50 Years of James Bond Movies has been running non-stop since September and maybe that's the way it should be. No other movie series has even come close to lasting as long and has had such consistent and clear direction. It's literally been a family business since the beginning, not a random conglomeration of people floating in and out with every flick. Even if Hollywood is still rolling out Friday The 13th movies in 2030, there's nothing to those films except to continue selling a brand... and yikes, that's going to be the skankiest smelling hockey mask ever.

Now, what can these anniversaries have to do with box-office turn-out? For Bond's 40th Anniversary, Die Another Day delivered an opening that was a third higher than The World is Not Enough and finished with $35 million more than any other Pierce Brosnan. Not bad for a film that featured an invisible car, a villain who turned into General Bison from Street Fighter, and a Madonna song that makes Ke$ha sound tasteful.

If the same holds true in 2012, the $67.5 million opening of Quantum of Solace could lead to a $90 million debut for Skyfall. Not only would that be the biggest opening ever for a Bond film, but a total higher than any 007 movie grossed before GoldenEye. Granted, with adjusted grosses in play, Goldfinger and Thunderball were The Avengers and Dark Knight of their day, however that level of truly mainstream success has mostly alluded Her Majesty's Secret Service. Bond's more like the tried and true sport of baseball. It has its fans, but it's nothing like the Super Bowl.

Can the filmmakers find a way to pull James Bond away from his dated blue tuxedos and judo chops to transform him into a "super hero secret spy" modern audiences want to see as much as Iron Man? That's the million dollar, or I guess 300 million dollar, question. If they do pull it off though, I'm going to wager it was "despite" product placing Heinekin and not because of it. No one's ever admired how classy and suave someone is while drinking a Heinekin. They're only watching that person wondering why with all the beer choices in the world they chose to go with that one.

Join us on Monday to see if the Skyfall soared or if Ralph found a way to Wreck-It!

by Matt Neuenburg on 11/09/2012

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