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Yes And Seven Get Pounded - Week 7

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
Quantum of Solace
Four Christmases
Yes Man
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Seven Pounds
The Tale of Despereaux
So much for the battle of two Hollywood giants. The Will Smith/Jim Carrey showdown turned into a battle of the two "other" people in Destiny's Child. In other words, no one cared.

Yes Man sort of won if winning is making even less than the opening of The Cable Guy. With $18.3 million and a long holidays ahead, the film isn't going to be another one of his The Majestic disasters, but this probably won't even top what his forgettable Fun With Dick and Jane made three years ago which was $110 million. Yes, man, I had no idea it made that much either.

Will Smith might want to think about bringing back Jazzy Jeff if his next film doesn't bring back the flava. Opening with $14.9 million, Seven Pounds was the Fresh Prince's lowest debut since Ali (and the only one that was even lower than that was the previous year's Legend of Bagger Vance). Based on the horror that was his song for the Men In Black II soundtrack, I'm not suggesting that Will should go back to singing songs for his movies, yet it would be nice to smile at something during his last couple movies even if it's just "Yikes, how bad is this song?!"

On the lighter side, Universal's The Tale Of Despereaux did as well as could be expected with $10.1 million. It got the jump it needed before the Christmas releases, but only time will tell if it can hold on during the festivities to at least turn a modest (mouse) profit for itself.

For the returning films, The Day The Earth Stood Still never got moving as it stalled dropping 67.6%. Let's have an old fashioned Keanu "Whoa" to celebrate that auspicious occasion. Is it time to start talking Speed 3, anyone? I'm sure Alex Winter has been waiting for 17 years for someone to call him and say, "Dude, Bill & Ted's Most Excellent High School Reunion… Let's do it!"

The Top Five If Today Was Martin Luther King Jr. Observance Day:
#1. Madagascar 2 - $172.4 million
#3. Quantum of Solace - $161.2 million
#3. Twilight - $158.4 million
#4. Four Christmases - $100.1 million
#5. Bolt - $94.9 million

by Matt Neuenburg on 12/22/2008

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